[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Given the outcry in the public forum and beta, this post shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, least of all SG.

The current version of the Hero Academy is a SLAP IN THE FACE to all players, both paying and not playing, because it is completely out of whack with what was promised at the AMA.

The feedback provided to SG has been utterly ignored and loyal players should not have to put up with a) the wait/build/resource/upgrade times to get to HA10 and b) the terrible wait times, odds and utility of each level of the HA, particularly HA 10.

We have already waited for more than 500 days, don’t keep slapping us.

We request:

  • Better odds of a non-classic 5* re-train on HA Level 10

  • Better ways of making use of multiple duplicate heroes (particularly duplicate heroes of the same hero)

  • Reduced build times

  • Reduced research costs

  • Reduced resources to upgrade HA all the way to Level 10

  • Reduced retrain times to make it more in line with TC20

  • Ability to queue re-trainings.

  • Retraining 3* hero with chance to become non-S1 3*.

  • Retraining 4* hero with chance to become non-S1 4*.

  • Retraining non-S1 hero will only result in another non-S1 hero with the same rarity.

  • Lower cost and training time of HA7 (trainer hero training) and increase the odds of higher-rarity trainer heroes, until it’s worth using at some point, likely for training level 60+ heroes

  • Lower cost and time for all troop training options (except HA9) so it doesn’t take two decades to train troops to high levels. Alternatively institute some sort of trade-in reward, similar to alkashards, that can be traded in for epic hero tokens, epic troop tokens, Atlantis coins, Valhalla coins, costume keys, tavern coins, or challenge coins.

  • A better mechanism for exchanging dupes or multiple failed re-trainings into better odds of a non-classic 5*.

  • Add a “Claim All” button

  • Add some mechanism to upgrade 4* and 5* heroes(???)

  • Add a way to convert emblems

  • Retrain Duplicate Hero Costumes

  • Changing HA10 so that you cannot receive a “traded-in” hero EVER again. Not just in the subsequent outcome.

Comprehensive solution/ alteration by @farenheit789

Any other issues I missed please let me know and I will edit the request


I like the initiative

But just gonna let ya know that all this was said in public forum and beta pre release, and then again in public forum post release

Hate to say it but i think it’s goin to be one of those things we’re just stuck with, especially with the growing amount of players who like it or “accept it” or however they want to word it…

Would be great if this thread helps, just not feelin optimistic at the moment


Cheers Rigs, edited the post to reflect that too


Also added a bit of oomph and anger to the post, otherwise this wouldn’t be a proper request…


Here is the thread:…

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First of all i am free to play. I don mind the 7 day retraining for HA10, because we have to train the new heroes,and i dont mind the cost either. To tell you the truth i expected gems would be in the equation. I totally agree with fixing the odds, as most 60+ level players already own all season 1 heroes

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Not picking on you per se but directing my thoughts on this mentality of relegated resignation/annoyed acceptance/acquiescent accommodation.

We shouldn’t have to “not mind” new features but rather players (customers) should be eagerly excited for the shiny new features implemented into this form of entertainment consuming our most valuable commodity, time. Comparing this to a standard console/PC game, once a DLC is released, I usually don’t have to wait 3-6 months (at minimum) to use the features if I’m at an adequate level (building up SH 25, building up HA to 10, researching and then finally putting in my 1 duplicate legendary)

Thanks for starting this @FrenziedEye the naive optimist in me hopes it will elicit some change…

…I’m just not banking any of my time on it happening in my lifetime.


Well, this should negate that:

Afterall, our chance to get non-S1 heroes is combination of duration × odds.


Negates it for Kotsos but not for other people who voice their opinions as proponents who say they don’t mind build times/odds/etc.

The principle point is I don’t agree with the mentality that we “don’t mind” features…


I have more or less the same feelings of @Rigs.
The only chance we really have is the #nospend riot, this thread (as others in the past) even with 2k posts and 300 likes will probably get ignored once again.

I have a bit of hope if even @Ambassador are leaving/considering leaving/cutting spending, as even someone like him that really made this game fortune had enough BS and tired of false advertising/misleading promises/useless features.

We will see.
I’m not happy that he is frustrated as well, but that’s the kind of signs that Small Giant should really take in consideration.


At least with this thread, we can organize the improvement suggestions. That way in case #nospend work, they know what we want without needing to look at thousands of posts. Looking at that many posts might left something unnoticed.


Well, unfortunately it’s easier to gargle with powdered milk than these changes happen, i would really like these improvements to happen … well, let’s keep playing as long as our good will endures…


I think that current HA is bad in terms of monetization. It is carefully designed so that it doesn’t decrease pulls from summons, where it could be implemented so that it actually increases them.

Consuming multiple 5* heroes in return to a guaranteed non-vanilla (anything but S1) would likely be the best monetization model for this building, just as long as the newest event heroes were not included. Offering a reroll option that has a high probability to turn into something good would make it more appealing to stock those 5*.

5 x 5* in 7 days to gain a hero from a pool of 30 options (S2, Event, old HotM). It would make it hard to get a “specific” hero (3,33% chance, but only 4 rolls per month), but at least the end result would be something other than S1 (yay, another Toth-Amun!). Yet, it would consume 20 x 5* per month, to keep it running constantly.

Current conservative approach aiming to protect the summon counts seems to be doing the exact opposite, seeing how many paying customers in top alliances are quitting or going #nospend.


The pool of options is actually more than 30, it is 50 (that doesn’t include newer heroes).

Maybe retraining 1× S1 + 1× non-S1 can result in guaranteed 1× non-S1? That way we won’t lose non-S1 for S1, and the S1 dupes have its use.


Yes please.
Reduced research costs.

Its bad enough needing 3x Lvl10 Advanced Iron Storages to build, but now also needs 3x Lvl10 Advanced Food Storages to research.

Whilst this release boasted to benefit new players, the above requirements disagree.


Given all the opposition and rejection of the hero academy that has been going around I felt inclined to propose a solution that is open to discussion. I feel the situation comes down ultimately to the community(consumers) getting their money’s worth out of the game.

Last year when I was just a beginner there was only a challenge and Atlantis summon event during the month. With all the new summons and the costs of all of them the lack of returns in 5 stars and pulls of duplicate 5 stars makes the costs redundant and not worth it. The hero academy doesn’t remedy this by a long shot.

SG has made it clear they still want the community to spend money on summons for profit which many would agree and feel is fair in the least, as long as you get your money’s worth. And currently no one is, so to make it worth it I feel that the hero academy should be dumped as it’s an insult as a solution and not beneficial.

In place of it I suggest three improvements to the current system to make it worth it.

  1. Increase the odds of pulling 5 stars and especially the event 5 stars so that you get you money’s worth in pulling.
  2. Add pulls of ascension items in the summon system as a bonus to get additional incentive for the money and so that pulled 5 stars can actually be fully maxed out because the system is even more tight with ascension items in my opinion.
  3. A ten pull should come with a kind of retrain hero token that allows you to retrain a duplicate 5 star into one of the event hero’s at random, activated with food/iron etc. And that can be limited to 1 or 2 hero’s to be retrained per event as an incentive to use multiple events to retrain duplicates.

I feel this possibly can offer the community and SG what they each want respectively. SG can make their profits and the community can get their higher rate of hero’s and items, and retraining of duplicates. Please share and discuss, share your thoughts. Let’s work together to find a workable solution for all.


Small suggestion to improve utility of hero academy. Change speed up cost from gems to recruits. Re-roll 5* recipe problem is really the 7 day wait time. Please add option to speed timer with recruits. It’s thematic, makes sense they should train faster with more recruits. Doesn’t allow straight transactional path to given hero (RNG built into the re-roll), already have to have a 5*. Plus some people will spend gems on world energy/loot tickets to farm necessary recruits. I think roughly 1000-3000 recruits to speed 7 days is about right.

Would really like the 5* starting hero to guide the output too, (ie event heroes yield event heroes, HotM yield hotm etc) but feel like that probably narrows the RNG too much.


Thanks all, sorry have been a bit MIA. Edited the OP, hopefully it broadly incorporates all the suggestions

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I’m aware a lot of people aren’t happy with the HA & this might have been suggested by someone else already (don’t have the time to check), but I feel like the HA would have been better spent making existing heroes better.

My particular idea is that you start with turning 1* & 2* heroes from just resources into actually useful heroes by making it so that they can become 4* & 5* respectively. To make it worthwhile for everyone, I’d make it that they’d have to be maxed out (not in emblems) before gaining a *, at which point they start over at T1 L1. They only get emblems once they’re fully maxed out (like current heroes).

The real kicker would be to make them cost more resources (I’m thinking the higher rarity asc mats that ppl buy), but also make them a bit better than the current heroes at lower *s. This would create more strategy i.e. do I keep getting up my hero or keep them at a lower * so they can compete in those tournaments.

This would be a win/win, SG keeping getting money from those who are willing to spend to get the heroes up quickly, whilst players get ‘new’ heroes to level up and strategise with.

If they wanted to help out the newer players as well, I’d make the HA accesible much earlier in the game, maybe at lvl15, & refund those who already have the HA their resources.


As we have with our training camps, it would be great to have a collect all button for the hero academy especially for those 1 min training levels.


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