[Master] Improve Auto Farming / Easy farming – allow automatic repetition of a stage on auto play until out of WE/flags or for a set number of runs

They make you use raid tickets for that. :slight_smile:

They already do but it costs gems $. Look up loot tickets.

I don’t wanna waste loot ticket to farm 8.7.

I still using autoplay for 8.7

Loot ticket for s2 hard only

I love the auto replay feature. It helps me stay safe on the road while driving. However, I still have to manually go in to replay the levels once it has finished. I wish there was a way to continually replay levels over and over again without the need for reclicking between each run.

I like this idea, I have been considering it for quite some time, so I’m glad you brought it too light.

Perhaps, the devs should allow you too choose how many levels you want to do, depending on how much energy you have. For example, I’m level 29, I have 28 world energy when full, now, level 13-6, requires 4 world energy. 28 divided by 4 = 7, ergo, all they would have to do is add a system similar to the loot tickets, where depending on how much world energy you have, you can auto replay that amount equal to the division of how much world energy you have.


Any questions? If so, discuss.


Why not just ask for a reachable feature like a auto play button above the normal play button. ur feature will eliminate their loot tickets lol

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Obviously the auto replay is available via loot tickets, but that is an auto COMPLETION, the function I’m talking about, would play through the level but repeat it until you run out of world energy.

u probably missed what i meant. regular u press play then press auto. what im talking about is to cut a step out and have a extra play button that says auto play thus eliminate the extra step. then SGG can still have their loot tickets.

Have an idea.
How about a auto play function that will automatically repeats the level.
I play 12:9 a lot, and now need to press replay and check autoplay. I would like to see that that can be automatically to. So it will continue untill you energy is out.

Moderator’s Note
There were a few threads with similar ideas about allowing automatic replay of levels repeatedly for farming on auto play, either until WE runs out, or for a set number of runs.

That seems like a useful QOL feature request (qualify of life), in keeping with the sort of thing Tim said during the AMA they’ve been tracking to get to when more immediate priorities have been addressed.

To increase the vote count and visibility of this idea, I’ve merged the threads together. Sorry for the disjointed chronological order; Discourse is a bit weird about not ordering posts by date when they’re merged, and keeping them clumped together from the original threads in order of merger. Normal chronological ordering of posts will resume now.


It’s different to me though. Because you still have to beat the stage and win. A loot ticket allows you to automatically win no matter what if you’ve beaten it once before. It’'s more of a I would love to farm sometimes, but can’t look down at my phone every 30 seconds to reset the attack after a victory.

Loot tickets are not only instant, but do not make you actually beat the level again.

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Just to push up the topic.
Vote people! Vote! There can’t be only a few of us fed up with constantly pushing that button every 60 sec. while trying to do smth. else. or we should (we have to) buy loot tickets may be . quite a lot of spending imao.

I made this suggestion a few months ago too. I’m the same way. I have the game playing while I’m at work and hate having to stop working on other things every couple of minutes to hit replay and auto play again. I understand some people on here may be retired or may be millennials with no job to speak of and have loads of time to sit and watch their phone play through a level and all. But some of us like being able to run our game alongside more important tasks (like work…) and it would be wonderful to set auto play to run X number of times on a level so we can get resources. It just seems a bit childish to call people lazy cause they have busier schedules or limited time frames to play during the day.

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Cannot agree more.:+1:

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One of my few annoyances, hitting the replay button every time while farming. Not the end of the world but if we had the option to pick how many to autofight in a row like we do loot tokens it would make me happy. And I’ve heard that’s good for you.

Oh my gosh… yes. Need autoplay for farming.


What I would love most is a 2x speed auto play.


I and a few others have made this same suggestion. I bet this will need to be merged with the other requests. @Garanwyn


Merged with an earlier request.


This is just lazy IMO. I’m happy they have an Auto-Fight button. Let’s let the Dev’s focus on better content rather than mechanics that allow farming. For example, what if you die? How does that come into play. I suppose it could just subtract the WE and go into the next round, but in the end I see no advantage to this. Just use AutoLoot.

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