[Master] Improve Auto Farming / Easy farming – allow automatic repetition of a stage on auto play until out of WE/flags or for a set number of runs

I think the difference in opinion is that we don’t see hitting a button every few minutes to be effort, let alone enough to justify the coding

What would be really helpful is to be able just set the autofarming to a set amount, so for instance repeat lvl 8-7 8 times. You could do something else in the mean time what doesn’t require you to get back to your tablet to press replay (the auto button itself I don’t really see as effort, lol).

Since the topic is called easy farming, I rhink this suggestion is on topic :slight_smile:


We’re farming all day long, maybe for years. I think it’s worth the coding.


Fantastic idea :slight_smile:

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Wonderful idea!!!
Big Thumbs Up!


I’m still not buying it. I’m sorry, it’s just plain lazy.
If you can’t even be bothered to press a button every 60-90 seconds, you don’t deserve the resources. Be grateful there is an auto button there at all. You have farms and mines to generate resources for you in the background if you don’t feel like playing.

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I’m grateful. But further development would be great.

LOL…I can see both sides of this…but I have to admit my first reaction mirrored yours. :roll_eyes:

Dear @MantisToboggan
The suggestion of @MrMeeseeks is not so outrageous as you make it out to be and the idea of @Konijntje actually goes one step further, in that you do not need to choose the level you want to farm every time.

I have played other games where you do not even see the battle resolve…this would actually be easier on our phone processors and batteries (since less grahoics resolution) and our time-tables.

Regarding your point,

I spend my days going in between meetings, so finding time for farming is not always easy. This puts me and others like me at a disadvantage compared to others who might have a less tight schedule.
Of course those who claim to be sooo busy can stop farming and while at it we can also stop playing…but is that what the devs want? Would that be positive for the community?


I think I should have articulated my point better. And for what it’s worth, I like the idea of set auto-farming, which was mentioned earlier. What I mean is if one wants to become proficient at something, be it ski jumping, a foreign language, or a meaningless video game, it requires varying degrees of commitment and investment. I’m not sure it follows to claim disadvantage from a lack of these things: investment in the form of time. But God knows, on the other hand, we all desire to find little things in life to make the whole thing easier.


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Sometimes I do farm during meetings. :rofl:
But a quicker resolve would certainly be preferable.


Completely automatic farming for the working class XD


Oh, how I understand :wink:

I don’t know if this has ever been requested before, but I was hoping that a feature get added to the auto attack feature. Not only would I like to auto attack, but set how many times or how much energy I want to use to continue auto attacking a specific region. Set the number in a similar manner as the auto win tickets, but instead you need to play through the stage as you normally would.

Yeah right. Agree. I click autoplay to farm while driving. But repeatedly re-click play and then click auto again after the boss killed really pizzed me off.

I agree with ur suggestion. It seems already mentioned long time ago but SG seems refused to make it

They make you use raid tickets for that. :slight_smile:

They already do but it costs gems $. Look up loot tickets.

I don’t wanna waste loot ticket to farm 8.7.

I still using autoplay for 8.7

Loot ticket for s2 hard only

I love the auto replay feature. It helps me stay safe on the road while driving. However, I still have to manually go in to replay the levels once it has finished. I wish there was a way to continually replay levels over and over again without the need for reclicking between each run.

I like this idea, I have been considering it for quite some time, so I’m glad you brought it too light.

Perhaps, the devs should allow you too choose how many levels you want to do, depending on how much energy you have. For example, I’m level 29, I have 28 world energy when full, now, level 13-6, requires 4 world energy. 28 divided by 4 = 7, ergo, all they would have to do is add a system similar to the loot tickets, where depending on how much world energy you have, you can auto replay that amount equal to the division of how much world energy you have.


Any questions? If so, discuss.


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