[Master] How does revive work in Wars?

Can Alberich / Mother North revive a hero that was killed in a previous round of an Alliance War?

Example: My defense has Mother North on the leftmost wing. Let’s say I am attacked by an opponent and they only succeed in killing my tank before my defense defeats them. Now another team attacks me and Mother North’s special fires. Can she bring the tank back? Or does she only roll to see if she brings back heroes who have died in the current fight?

I’m asking for strategic purposes: I’m sure we’ve all experienced the disaster of fighting a team, letting a healer go off, and leaving them STRONGER than they were at the beginning. I’m wondering if it’s possible for this to happen in this way, which could potentially be much more counterproductive (to the attacker).


Yes, this definitely can happen.


You can’t leave a team stronger than you found it. Heroes resurrected or healed in a battle will, at the end of an unsuccessful battle, be reset to their condition at the beginning of that battle.


Battle 1: Tank Aegir and flank Magni are killed; wing Alberich is at 50% health.
Battle 2: Alberich resurrects Magni and heals himself. At end of the battle, everyone is at full health and only Aegir is dead.
Battle 3: Magni goes back to being dead and Alberich at 50% health.


The wise and learned @Kerridoc has explained it in technical terms, but this is how it feels when it happens



Thank you! I guess I had never noticed that health re-set to the diminished point it started at, since it FEELS so demoralizing.

I think I would have noticed if a hero was left standing that hadn’t been there in the first place, but it sounds like that’s not a strategic consideration I need to take into account during wars. That also saves me from asking the follow-up about whether points scored for that hero kill are lost / if they can be gained again.

A wise tactic to consider when you see Alberich (or any healer) about to cast is to flee. While he or another healer can’t get the board better than you found it, they can quickly erase much or all of the damage you did.

I’m not saying fleeing is always the right choice, but you should certain stop and consider it!


Wow…thats great News to me.

Cant confirm from what I have seen on the battlefield though.

Have to take a closer look or do some tests during the next wars.

I shared this in our alliance, and one of our members had great follow-up questions:

Say in this scenario in attack 3, Alberich resurrects Magni again, and you kill everyone but Magni (who had previously been dead before the attack).

What happens at the end of the fight? Is this a “victory” or “defeat”? Is the whole team dead, because Magni automatically dies again? Do you get the bonus points for killing the team?


Heh. I don’t know. :face_with_monocle:

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Ruh roh, if you don’t know, not sure who does. :wink:


This is a victory.
Experienced this myself :slight_smile:

If all hero’s that were allive at the start of battle 3 are killed, it does not matter if others are back alive again. You will have won that round and enemie will be in respawn.


Wow mind blown. Thanks fellas, I shared this with my alliance.

Imagine a scenario where the last battle for the win came down to you, and you were stuck with this situation. In theory you would know exactly who you’d have kill for the win :rofl:


I know… I always ask the members from alliance to flee the battle if Alby wanna use the special and they are already in a bad spot - thats a cause for 0 points i see >>> stubborness to say the least :stuck_out_tongue:

Rules Question:

Had this happen in Alliance War the other day and wanted to see if anyone had an answer. Opponent has only Mother North left. I attack 5 vs. 1 to start the match. Her Special goes off reviving two other heroes that kill mine. After the loss it is still just Mother North left on their team for someone else to try and finish off. My question is, in this case should I just attack Mother North, and not the revived heroes? If I kill her, do I get all of the bonus points and is the opponent considered defeated? Or something else?

Thanks in advance, not sure if anyone else has come across this yet


Good question


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Ohhhh… very nice question! We all know you have to kill them all to end the round, but I never thought about what happens if MN (or Alby for that matter) is dead and time expires. Or if the player flees after killing MN…

Watching this thread as I hope someone knows the answer :grin:


@JLB_ep revive is specific to only that round of war - you are correct.

I think the OP is asking what happens if you kill all the heroes that started that round but left heroes that had been revived. If not, that’s what he should be asking as that’s very interesting :laughing:


Oh I reread the original post and realized I misunderstood his question. You replied just seconds before I could delete my comment Haha. Yeah I’m also interested in finding out what happens if you only take out MN. I’m thinking it might still reset if all that’s left are the revives.

Too fast for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously, it was a good post with a great observation. Not everyone realizes that the revive is only applicable to that specific fight. I see that same thing posted as a question or even as a bug every so often. :tired_face:

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Waiting for a game specialist be like.


What else could a successful businessman with numerous hobbies have that’s more important than this question??