[Master] Highest Combo Recorded

Wondering what is the highest combo ever recorded??? I have 18 as my highest combo.
But i know there’s an absurd number somewhere!
Imagine a ranking for that? It would be some fun statistics

I can offer 18 too within something like 6 month. Unfortunately I can’t remember and I have it for like ages. When I am concentrating on watching I come across up to 10 more often, sometimes 12 but can’t remember seeing more.

I have 21, which I think was fairly recent.

I had a 20 combo awhile ago, and one member of my alliance had a 22 combo

20 is the highest combo that I can remember seeing for myself but it’s been awhile.

My card say 23, but i guess it happens a life ago.
Recently i recall only some 7-8 combos where literally all the board has flight on the enemy.


I have one teammate who says her best is 33, but no way to prove it unless she joins our Facebook page and posts a screenshot. My best is 19 after 11 months and I don’t think I’ve seen better than 8 in a long time

Had a 16 combo farming 8.7 yesterday, but my highest is 21 from many months ago.

Just early this morning late in the evening EST, I had another 20. I’ve been on a roll too!


And had I known it would have happened then, I’d have done a SS. Next time maybe. Next time.



28 :wink:


Only 18 and 20 here

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Bump- we’ve got a confirmed 28…who can beat that?

My highest is 18 so nothing spectacular, but someone in my alliance had 27 not too long ago.



I’ve been playing for 9 months or so and all I have a is 19… from my first week playing :smiley:

Champion @Kalel :slight_smile:
tough to beat that!

23, from a first week or two, too. Wish it was lower, so it would be easier to get new records occassionally…

32! Good job. Unless someone posts higher you are the official E&P Combo Champion!

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