[Master] - Hero Level Maxed but Special Skill is Not


Sometimes it takes as many as 20 or so 1☆ & 2☆ heros to max a 3☆ from level 7 to level 8. It’s very frustrating.

Thankfully, it rarely if ever happens to 4☆ & 5☆ heros.

@Shahzad; your question has been moved to a more relevant thread. Check the new OP which has the answer to your question :slight_smile:

Upto now I levelup more than 20 heros 1* & 2* but the issue is still same. :pensive:

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This is what another poster posted elsewhere:

Nashgar, Berden and Brienne are the worst. The only way I could get them to 8/8 was to get duplicates of them (4) for a 100% chance. Nashgar stops at 7 for me and Berden and Brienne stop at 6. After they reached 50, I put another 30 (of the same color 2*) into them with no change to the ss.


Maybe you should try feeding 4 of Ulmer to himself at once. Worth a try. :woman_shrugging:

Good luck! :grinning:

Thx for the information. Is there any way to make complaint so that if there is issue they can fix?

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There is no issue to fix.

You may need to expand your roster (which costs gems), to provide enough space to get 5-10 feeders of the same color. 5 2* blue feeders or 10 1* blue feeders will give you a 100% chance to advance Ulmer’s special skill (or any combination of the two - substitute one 2* for 2 1*s).

Likewise, 5 2* green feeders or 10 1* green feeders will give you a 100% chance to advance Brienne’s special skill (or any combination of the two - substitute one 2* for 2 1*s).

If you always keep at least 46 free spots in your roster for feeders, you’ll always be able to use 10 same-colored feeders to level up your rare, epic, and legendary heroes. This increases the odds of advancing the special skill every time you level up.

With this strategy, I’ve only ever had the problem maxed level/special skill not maxed with a few of my 3* heroes. The 4* and 5*s are always at their maximum skill level after final ascension at the latest.

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Sorry, but I don’t think this is even possible.
There has been an update some days ago providing +20% for every 2* hero from the same colour and 5 of them will guarantee an update of the special.

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I have had to put a few extra heroes in from time to time when they don’t level all the way up. He is at level 50! For a 3
Star I have put 40 hero’s in and nothing it gets up to 90 percent chance and still nothing . He leveled very slowly almost as slow as a 5 star . It makes the game aggravating and with all the mistakes and bad tiles . It makes you want to leave. Losing hero’s to leve 5 stars for this . I want a good healer for a 3 star team. Fix this

Yeah it’s annoying. it used to be worse when the exp gain didn’t increase when they were full

I wait until I have enough feeders to make it 100% chance, so you can’t get screwed over by RNG

You should use in color feeders only, their chances are doubled. Eg off color 1* = 5%, in color 1* = 10%, off color 2* = 10%, in color 2* = 20%

i have a hero Sudri and it was raised to 3/50 but special skills remained at 6. three days full only with red and nothing moves, only today it was filled over 300%. what is the matter?

Feeding with 5 two star red heroes or 10 one star red heroes should move Sudri’s special skill to next level.

What is tihs 300% you talk about ?

I say that today I only spent 15 red 2 * which is a total of 300% and did not move to 7

And I suppose you have seen during the feeding that the special skill level up chance goes to 100%, right ?

That is definitely not possible. If a hero is maxed, then the amount of skill increase chance from feeders becomes quintupled.

So, for same colour feeding, 2* feeder = 20% and 1* feeder = 10%.

Feeding any combination of these two types of feeder will give you guaranteed raise in Special Skill as long as it is 100% total (5x 2*, 10x 1*, 3x 2* & 4x 1*, etc)

3 star = 30%, 4 star = 40%, 5 star = 50%

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Show us the screenshot with 300%. Maybe it’s a bug and a proof is needed.

I can’t put a video because I already spent those 2 * heroes and got annoyed with what kind of math this game has

Also, if it’s a dupe hero, it’s a 100% chance. :slight_smile:

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Yes, true :slight_smile:
Or same costume if you leveling a costume :slight_smile:
The 3 star same hero is only counts as 30% for costume special skill level up :slight_smile:

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