[Master] Has something happened with the Event Chests / Event Coins?

I finished the event on Thursday, and the rest of the days I dedicated myself to looking for coins, on Friday I used two flasks and the energy generated, on Saturday also, phase 2 of rare, and every day I got approximately 10 coins, instead today Sunday I have done the same … And not a chest, zero coins. Did something happen today? Is it just me? Has it happened to more people? Not a single one with very bad luck that has had doing the same seems normal.

Sorry my English, I’m Spanish and it’s translated with Google

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I have turned this thread into a master because it literally appears every month… Bettter to just have the one thread IMO as the answer is always the same.

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Same here. Zero coins.

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It was the first event that I did not get a suspicious chest. It is very strange because I have also repeated phases looking for coins.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

They’re still there. I’ve gotten 2 so far.

Two things to Note:

(1) This topic appears EVERY SINGLE challenge event…

  • Every event the question gets asked “did SG nerf the coins?”; “Are the suspicious chests still there?” etc…
    And the answer is invariably "Yes, they’re still there"

  • The drop rate is just really low… Always has been; and likely always will be…

  • The drop rate appears to be higher on Legendary than on Rare, but the counterset to that is the world energy cost is higher…

(2) Specifically for League of Villains there is a a different set-up

  • There are fewer stages, so less chances to appear overall compared to your normal challenge events
  • also there is no “1 WE stage” that people farm for the (incredibly low chance of appearance) Chests/ Challenge Event Coins

To Repeat:

  1. The chests are still there…

  2. the drop rates are still tiny & thus it is almost impossible to gather any sort of statistically viable/ valuable data set to prove that any change in the odds has happened… Sure a lot of annecdotal inferrances but no concrete data set.


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