👺 [MASTER] Goblin Village – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

That is my understanding too, the chance to get any new 5* is 0.9 and you will get two instead of one.

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That doesn’t make sense to me because both situations happen within the same 100% pool.

If we wanted to talk about not pulling a HOTM or not pulling a 5 star, that is two distinct events so the multiplication makes sense. But pulling one Goblin legendary hero is part of the same pull. It’s not two events.

I’m not sure what I’m missing or why folks think the combined probability is 0.5%.


I think ChatGPT didn’t quite understand your question.

You want the chance of pulling any of the new 5* goblin right? Either featured or not featured.

The portal has the following chances

Rare: 56.8
Epic 20.8
Legendary 1.6

Goblin rare 14.2
Goblin epic 5.7
Goblin legendary not featured 0.5

Goblin legendary featured 0.4

Add everything up and you will get 56.8 + 20.8 + 1.6 + 14.2 + 5.7 + 0.5 + 0.4 = 100% (this is basically the same as saying “100% of the times you will pull a hero of this portal”)

So for any particular combination just add their probabilities. You want any legendary goblin? Add 0.5 + 0.4 and you will have 0.9% chance to pull a legendary goblin.


I thought the same thing, you guys and have confirmed with multiple sources including people who took statistics. You be wrong. Look it up

Not sure which people you refer to (who took statistics). Let me picture probabilities of this portal.

You have a bag with 1000 tickets.
568 of them say “Rare hero”
208 “Epic hero”
16 “Legendary hero”
142 “Goblin rare”
57 “Goblin epic”
5 “Goblin legendary not featured”
4 “Goblin legendary featured”

You put your hand in the bag and grab 1 ticket. You have 5 in 1000 tickets (0.5%) to grab a legendary goblin not featured. 4 in 1000 tickets (0.4%) to grab a legendary goblin featured.

Or you have 9 in 1000 tickets (0.9%) to grab any of those, featured or not featured legendary goblin.


I managed 3 5* heros in a row from this portal

So i couldn’t get it to show all 4 but here it is …Justice came first Balthazar last…:rofl::rofl:
How utterly disappointing!


RnG definitely broken for us two!

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I tried mana control, poisoning, and a lot of other strategies and they all failed. I gave it one last try using the setup similar to the ones top players use on challenge quests (attack up, defense down) and succeeded. Beat both 9 and to 10 on the first or second try with this setup:

Yes, 4300 team with only one 5* and four 4* heroes. I had to use quite a few mana potions, but to my surprise it worked.

I turtled a while on the 2nd to last wave to charge specials and get a lot blue tiles on the board, then killed the last monster and entered the boss wave. Once there it was Kiril’s special to raise attack, Grimm’s to lower defense, fired off Xiahou and Balur’s specials, used Wu Kong’s to raise attack more, then nailed the bosses with blue tiles.

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It thought you were talking about 2 consecutive summons.

Combined chance for one summon is 0.9%

Restarted til i got a good board, my team.

Tile damage completely decimated the goblins, was pretty easy actually, no itmes needed. Just a pain in the rear restarting