[Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking

I am sure others have confirmed it, but it is possible to get a legendary chest as the first one in the balloon. I had a choice of

  • 15 costume keys
  • 1 damascus blade
  • 5 purple 4* trainers.

Forgot to take screenshot before buying.

yes, ive had it happen once. only time Ive bought this thing and it did it right off the start

Goblin Balloon offer, and the recycled goods (I also received a Revival Scroll)

And again.

1 arrow and 1 sliver token.



The 4* Goblin Crate was either Time Freezes, 1 Compass, or 2 ETT

For recycled loot I also got some ham and iron

My best recycled balloon yet!


Keeping the sky clean with my recycling :recycle:

1 sml green pot 1 WE flask :slight_smile:


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I got a 4* goblin chest–for the first chest of the balloon-- with an option for 200 druid emblems. I bought it for $2

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