[Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking


First crate of fifth balloon was a legendary crate…however only thing that could even moderately tempt me into buying it would be a tonic, and then there are better things to spend money on.


FIRST crate in the balloon was legendary (from titan box), unfortunately 100 emblems are not what they used to be…

EDIT: I think they should remove trainers and make one slot a Guaranteed 4* material roll. I wouldve paid for a 4* mat


One more full balloon

Recycle :recycle:

Is there any coloration between the stuff you recycled and how it may give you better odds of better recycled Loot? I know when I got the compass and WE flask I had decent stuff I recycled… not any 3/4ams but there were 2 4 crate item’s in it…or is it pure chance RNG like every other Loot chest?

Completed the 4th balloon today. Nothing impressive and no legendary crate. Maybe it will come up in my next balloon.

1 - 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*, 3* - recycled - compass
2 - 3*, 3*, 3*, 3*, 4* - recycled - random crap
3 - 3*, 3*, 3*, 4*, 3* - recycled - random crap
4 - 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*, 3* - recycled - random crap

Just got my first legendary and it’s the first of my new balloon. Might actually buy it for $1.99. Previously I never got an epic before fourth item.


first box of my balloon. either my 4th or 5th balloon. cannot recall exactly

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This is probably the only moment I would even consider buying anything from the balloon.

My first 5* crate


Here is my first 5* crate


Alright, here is my 1st legendary crate which happens to be also my 1st crate in this ballon:
Kind of funny that to those who’ve got a 4* mat in it so far( in the posts above) , it happens to be a telescope as well… coincidence ?! :thinking:


That’s about what all of my recycles have looked like.

Have yet to see any 3* mat at all, unfarmable or otherwise.

People tell me, “it’s free loot!”

Seriously? I get better loot from autoplaying one session of S1:8-7. Vs. waiting a week to recycle a dumb balloon in exchange for a rock and a feather.

Ohhh sorry! Don’t want to go off topic again. Topic is about loot tracking. Okay I haz some loot tracking results from recycled Boblin Galloons:

  • Ham, iron, rope, feather
  • Ham, iron, tiny potion, leaf
  • Ham, iron, rock, napkin
  • Ham, iron, string, Aife token


One of my alliance mate just got this…first I’ve seen in slot 1 (in our alliance)


Had a similar experience today. Thank you balloon for the $2.00 tonic, now go away. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I think this is NOT RANDOM, but intended. I mean, why is everyone getting a first 5* crate now?
I have seen like ten of these crates, all as the first crate in the fifth balloon (so crate number 21).
I just got my crate 20, so I believe next will be a 5* crate.
I would hate it to be this way, it would just mean that there is no real randomness in this.


Got the legendary crate just now - 1st crate of the 5th balloon, just like many other players.

I am actually going to buy this. $2 for 300 Atlantis coins is actually a very good deal (averaging 66 cents per pull) especially now the only way to get Atlantis coin is through Atlantis Rise once you finish all the stages.

I don’t plan to wait until I collect all 5 crates. Most likely other random crate rewards will make this balloon less attractive by then.


I think everyone is getting a 5* in the first slot

Here’s mine

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Got a legendary crate from a monster chest, in the first position of the balloon. Basically, the 1st crate of the 5th balloon cycle. This is probably the only time when it is worth buying, for those who are interested. 100 emblems for $2. :slight_smile:


Again I get a compass from recycled goblin balloon

Dunno if that’s just luck lol


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