[Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking

I have a 4* crate in spot #2 on my third balloon.

So my crates have been:
1 – 3*, 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*
2 – 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*, 3*
3 – 3*, 4*

No emblems in any of my 4* crates so far so… no bueno from me :slight_smile:

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I am on my third balloon.

1 - 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*, 3* - recycled - compass
2 - 3*, 3*, 3*, 3*, 4* - recycled - random crap
3 - 3*, 3*, 3*, 4*

60 emblems in the 3rd crate so far, tempting but I doubt if I will buy. Most likely will try luck again and see if I can pick up another unfarmable 3*.

First crate of fourth balloon was an epic:

Won’t be buying as I don’t (and will never) have a good barbarian.

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Cycle 3 of Goblin Balloon.

Crate rarities: 3 / 3 / 4 / 3 / 3

Recycled loot

Got the last crate for my 3rd balloon in an elemental chest today!

Recycle outcome is crap though. Nothing worth mentioning.

Forgot to mention, the recycled balloon had a Trap tool.

Which is great if you need them I guess. I just put it on the pile with the other 31…

One more full balloon, nothing impressive in it.

And the recycle loot :recycle:


Just recycled my 3rd balloon and finally got Something decent


Baboon #3.

+ a silver token offscreen.

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Haven’t been keeping up but pleasantly surprised to get a 4* crate in the first slot. My previous goblin balloon had only 3* crates.



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Has anyone ever received a 5* chest yet or is 4 the maximum?

My 3rd balloon:

Recycled loot:


Filled my 3rd balloon. Forgot to screen the recycling, very small amount of hams and irons <<50k each

After filling and recycling my third balloon, I got a nice surprise for the first crate on my 4th balloon!



Worst recycle ever?

3rd ballon

Revive scroll aswell @Pois1

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Haven’t kept up with this thread, so I’m sure it’s known to be possible by now, but I was surprised to see an unfarmable three-star mat show up in my recycle loot today.

Doesn’t appear to be connected to the loot in the crates, as these might have been the worst five crates I’ve recycled so far.


Not mine but @LadyKatryn’s

They do exist!!


Wow I want one. Hope 4* AM is attainable.


Yeah but then you’d have to pay for it but I wonder if the higher the rarity of item’s recycled gives a higher chance of getting a 3/4* AM

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