[Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking

Reminder that this thread is NOT about discussing the merits or benefits or value of the Goblin Balloon (or lack thereof).

It was written and intended to be a tracking thread showing examples of the loot that one COULD get and explaining the mechanism of the Balloon and chests.


Understood. I have tracked the loot I’ve gotten in mine and decided that none of it is worth the money. Even the “epic” crates which I usually so far only have gotten one of per balloon, are not worth the price IMO.

And I’ve heard tales of people getting unfarmable AMs from their recycling, but I have yet to see anything like that. Just did one today. I believe it was… small amount of food, small amount of iron, a rock, a string, and a wooden sword.

That was I believe my 3rd balloon recycling. So far they’ve all been on par with the rewards I get from a really bad monster chest.

Is that on topic? Or do I have to list the loot here and post my opinions on said loot in a separate post? Serious question. I thought it would be better for everyone if I covered multiple facets of a topic all in one post, vs. posting 50 replies in 50 different threads all relating to the same subject.

But if you’re actually asking me to post more replies… That I can do. :laughing:

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My reply was to point out that it wasn’t particularly on topic…

The emphasis word was “showing” the loot / tracking the loot… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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I was actually going to post what I got from recycling, but it didn’t show up in my loot history. Is that because everything was below 3* level items? Or does the loot history not track Goblin Balloon recycling at all?

(Sorry if that’s off topic)

EDIT: I don’t take screenshots of everything all the time unfortunately, so I have to go mostly on memory.

Food and iron never are shown.
Any mat (crafting or ascension) that is less than 3* isn’t shown.

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Some of my loot collections, it has actually said “no 3* items found” but it was still listed. My Goblin Balloon wasn’t even listed. Which is what made me curious.

Sorry again for going off topic… I just don’t know if this question is worth starting a whole new thread for.

Second full balloon. Mystery crate had 5 axe attacks.


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I scrolled down the whole thread and checked every screenshot… Not a single legendary crate yet? That’s odd…


I’m into Balloon 3 and a pattern has formed which I hope is just RNG. Below is the pattern in *

Balloon 1 - 33343

Balloon 2 - 33343

Balloon 3 - 3334

Now at this stage I’m interested what crate 5 will be be…really good it breaks the cycle

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Mine are in same pattern, SG wont ger any money from me for 4 crates of 3 star troops, and an advanced battle item lol

Another balloon… Nothing interesting, just showing my loot.


Same for me. I notice my 4th crate in every balloon is a 4*.


Just finished balloon 3.

It’s been 33343 each time.

Did anyone observe an increase of emblems? Does the goblin balloon contribute to the overall doubled amount of emblems?

There’s no mention of extra emblems from goblin balloon in the release notes so I doubt it.

I had a 4* crate in the 2 spot last week.

It looks like everyone is having 1 four star crate per balloon with 5 spots.
Maybe we will see a legendary crate in the 5th balloon ?

I don’t doubt it’s happening. Just odd mine is following the exact same pattern.

I have a 4* crate in spot #2 on my third balloon.

So my crates have been:
1 – 3*, 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*
2 – 3*, 3*, 4*, 3*, 3*
3 – 3*, 4*

No emblems in any of my 4* crates so far so… no bueno from me :slight_smile:

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