[Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking

Purpose of this thread is to track / list the various rewards that can be gained from the Goblin Balloon as well as provide some additional information / clarification around the feature.

The Goblin Balloon is a feature that was added to E&P in Version 31 (August 2020).

Beta Beat thread: 🧪 Early Information on the Goblin Balloon [Part of The Beta Beat V31] - #176

Goblin Balloon Tutorial

Regular Crates:

Rare Crates:

Legendary Crates:
image image

:money_with_wings: Purchasing

I am moving this UP the post for clarification of the purchasing screen. Keep reading for information regarding the Mystery Crate & the cost of purchasing the Goblin Balloon.

NOTE: you ONLY get the Mystery Crate IF you purchase the balloon with 5x crates in the hold.

NOTE 2: The “Get this item now” is referring to the CONTENTS of the BALLOON…

You do NOT purchase the Mystery crate. What you are “buying” are the crates that are CURRENTLY in the Goblin Balloon… Graphic Below for illustration

Goblin Balloon Crates

You earn crates as “loot” from the Wanted Mission Chests (Raid & Monster). They come in three tiers, Normal, Rare & Legendary Crates

Click for Pictures



Note – Crates are an EXTRA loot roll to your normal Wanted Mission Chests. This extra roll has 4 outcomes: “Nothing”, “Normal Crate”, “Rare Crate” or “Legendary Crate”… The odds scale off as you go up.

Examples of the various loot you can get from the crates will be listed below.

Item Type Normal Crates (3 :star:) Rare Crates (4 :star:) Legendary Crates (5 :star:)
Emblems - 10x - 100x - 200x (?)
Tickets - 10x - 30x
Flasks - 3x World Energy
- 3x Raid Energy
- 3x World Energy
- 3x Raid Energy
- 3x Titan Energy
- 5x World Energy
- 5x Raid Energy
- 5x Titan Energy
Troops - 2x 3*
Trainers - 2x 3* - 5x 3* - 5x 4*
Summons - 2x Silver Tokens
- 2x Costume Keys
- 5x Challenge Coins
- 50x Atlantis Coins
- 50x Valhalla Coins
- 50x Legends Coins
- 1x EHT
- 2x ETT
- 5x Costume Keys
- 10x Challenge Coins
- 100x Atlantis Coins
- 100x Valhalla Coins
- 100x Legends Coins
- 3x EHT
- 5x ETT
- 15x Costume Keys
- 30x Challenge Coins
- 300x Atlantis Coins
- 300x Valhalla Coins
- 300x Legends Coins
Battle Items - 3x 5* Items
- 5x 4* Items
- 5x 3* Items
- 5x 5* Items
Ascension Mats - 1x 3* Item
(e.g. Compass)
- 1x 4* Item
(e.g. Darts)
Note: 4* & 5* crates give the choice of 3x options. You can change the option of epic and legendary crates at any time before completing your purchase of the contents

Note 2: Legendary Crate loot will be filled in as it comes available.

:money_mouth_face: Balloon Loot Cost

You can purchase the Goblin Balloon contents at 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Crates. If you purchase when there are 5 crates in the Balloon, you get a “Mystery Chest” (bonus roll). You puchase the ENTIRE balloon contents at that time.

At 5 crates you get an additional option to “recycle” the Balloon & all it’s contents for a “Wanted Mission” equivalent of loot.
Price (chilean pesos): 1300-1900-2500-3500
The Cost does not change with what is in the slot. It is a fixed price at {x} number of crates.

:one: US $1.99 AU $2.99 CA $2.79 €2.49 £1.99 ₹159 ₽ 149 29.000 Rp $1900 Kč 49 699
:two: US $2.99 AU $4.49 CA $3.99 €3.49 £2.99 ₹249 ₽ 229 45.000 Rp $2500 Kč 79 1090
:three: US $3.99 AU $5.99 CA $5.49 €4.49 £3.99 ₹299 ₽ 299 59.000 Rp $3500 Kč 99 1490
:four: US $4.99 AU $7.99 CA $6.99 €5.49 £4.99 ₹399 ₽ 379 75.000 Rp $3900 Kč 129 1890
:five: US $5.99 AU $9.99 CA $8.49 €6.99 £5.99 ₹499 ₽ 459 89.000 Rp $4900 Kč 149 2290

Note: If you PURCHASE or RECYCLE the balloon, it disappears from your base until you get a new crate.

Tool Tip Explanation:

:recycle: Recycling

Recycling is the “free” action / loot to do with the Goblin Balloon Feature. Doing so trades all the Goblin Balloon contents in & generates instead a set of loot containing:

  • will add the specific # of rolls when I get them… Based on Puzzle Combat, it should include food, iron, gems, Ascension Materials, Crafting Materials, battle items, troops etc…

You can ONLY recycle the contents of the Goblin Balloon when there are 5 crates IN the balloon at that time.

The balloon will then disappear until you next get a goblin crate.

Recycling Tutorial

Recycling Loot Rolls

Based on screenshots/ evidence so far, this appears to be the loot “rolls” granted by recycling the goblin balloon.

  • 1x Food Roll
  • 1x Iron Roll
  • 1x Ascension Material Roll
  • 1x Crafting Material Roll
  • 1x Battle Item Roll
  • 1x Energy Flask Roll
  • 1x Trainer Hero Roll
  • 1x Summon Token Roll

Note: You may not get an item in each slot as some rolls have a “0” outcome where you get nothing in that loot roll slot

:question: Mystery Chest

The Mystery Chest is a bonus reward (of sorts) for purchasing the Goblin Balloon Package when there are 5x Crates in the Balloon’s Hold.

Mystery Crate Contents Odds:

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Will add pics and stuff in as I get them :slight_smile: feel free to post your loot here :slight_smile:

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Looks like the crates drop are also random. Just opened my second chest and no crate in there.


From a Normal Crate (i did not have to chose the prize, so I guess it was a normal one)

My main got a x2 3* troop like the previous message.


Two 3* trainer heroes for 2.29€ in my crate, from raid chest. Monster chest didn’t contain any crates.




First goblin box came from monster wanted mission.


Had a crate in the monsterchest after release went live (first chest after release).

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Well, I got two summon tokens (silver ones).

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Got a question @Guvnor:

If I don’t like the items I get from the crates, do I still have to buy them to start a new balloon?
Because that will happen if the crates I collect happen to be 1* crates or maybe even 2*.
Or are there only 3* and 4* crates?

And I was wondering, if the price that we see now will change, when another crates come in, or it’s tge final one, for all 5


The info box says you can recycle after five are collected, at no cost, and start anew. The question mark at the top left of the window.


Yeah. After opening you can either buy or recycle, thanks.


3* crate & my bf got 50 valhalla coins (3* as well)

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Got a 3* crate from a raid chest.

Since I’m unlikely to ever start spending, will let you know what you can recycle for regardless of the next 4 crates.


So you got a 4* mat out of 3* crate?

Yup, looks like 3* crates include battle items of any rarity - but that remains to be checked with more crates.