[Master] ❤ Friendly Matches -- Feedback & Discussion Thread

It’s the only real way to get direct feedback on what works with your defense team. My alliance records videos of us attacking each other and we can switch heroes in and out and see what difference it makes.

It’s done a lot to make our alliance, which is really casual, more active with each other. It’s just really, really cool for us.


Yeah hopefully it will allow us to test out different formations and stuff too.

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This will give alliance members more to talk about

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If limited to 5 flags a day, the flags should stack to enable weekly friendly tournament or war defense preparation for exemple

I’m enjoying it. Win or lose it’s a lot fun.

Is there any talks in beta about being able to match your own team its great to get alliance members feedback and recording etc but id love to play my own team and see how it does…
Seems like it wouldn’t be to hard to implement

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