[Master] Free advertising watch video for summons discussion


How it works? I had 1 Challenge for viewing ads. But. Once I got the gray token from the chest, this view is no longer available! It turns out that until I use all the accumulated gray tokens, I will not be able to make Challenges for viewing ads every day ?? Is that how it’s done?? Is there an error here? And why can’t players be able to both accumulate tokens and enjoy watching ads?


From the v45 release notes:

“After using your regular Daily Summon, you can now watch an ad for one additional Daily Summon!”

So only one extra (with ad) after the daily free one.

The issue is that you do not receive the ‘extra’ ability to watch an ad if you have any silver coins. You must have zero free summon coins to get this - or so it reads.


Ok, if that is true then maybe this whole new thing is devised just to discourage people from gathering silver coins for path of valor summon challenge :thinking: I personally have not seen the ad button at all, but I thought it was because v45 was only “forced” today…


This issue was reported to staff in beta and they acknowledged it. That’s their take on it:

Thanks for the feedback! This is a good point that you raised. We didn’t want to force you to watch an ad before being able to use your tokens. But we will keep an eye on the feedback we continue to get.

I think once they get some data around how many ads are being watched thanks to this new feature, they may make some amendments. Frankly, I even forgot that this is a thing. Hoarding my silver tokens for PoV summon quests, so I have no way to see the button, unless there’s new PoV released. Crappy design if you ask me, but Im’ just a bunny. :rabbit:


Must be almost impossible to design a user interface which allows both :joy_cat:


Thank’s a lot for sharing SGs point of view.

As we now know their opinion, we should add a poll to make sure that SG will see that the community wants to have free features available for everybody.


I hoard silver tokens so that I can quickly level a prize hero. That has absolutely nothing to do with willingness or unwillingness to watch a video for a free feeder.

And I don’t really understand how giving people the option involves ‘force’.


The fact that the button will be on top of the gray tokens does not make you look. If you don’t want to, don’t watch. Tokens will be accumulated, it is not necessary to watch ads. Those players who want to watch and save tokens will be able to use it! The view button must be placed on top of the gray tokens.


Omg there giving a free pull but because u hav to use tokens first you kick off. Always something to kick off about.

SG you best get it changed before more get butt hurt about it lol and will never hear the end of it.

I’m more concerned about the “no ad available” uncurable bug. Anyone encountered that?



Same here. Xyzxyzxyz

Isn’t that just the same issue as mystic vision issues?

No. There is no way to fix that. No restart or anything else helps. You also cannot see if it’s available at all or not (unlike Mystic Vision button).


As above. Doesn’t seem to be the same as the dodgy mystic vision bug.

Restarts, searching for opponents, raiding, searching alliances etc still doesn’t kick-start it.

Unless it’s not yet active globally?


Ah good to know. I was assuming I’d see more issues but they’d be solvable.
This makes me not want to even try to use all of my grey tokens. I’ll gladly use them to get 2x daily summon (what else will I do with them)? But I’ll wait for now and see what issues arise.

I do wonder why SG went ahead with this knowing the issues that arise out of ads.

But you have to choose mística vision or extra summon daily token

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You can add me to the coin hoarders. Looks like I’ll only get these summons for the first 20 days of each Path of Valor cycle…


And what feedback are they expecting? …