[Master] Faster autoplay / Improve Autoplay AI

Agreed. At a minimum i would like to see an option on how many times to do auto play. That would help me to set it run that many times without me constantly looking.


Absolutely I agree there is plenty things to improve.

I don’t think anyone will ever try to speed up an automatic battle. Slow speed should annoy us as much as possible so that we buy tickets. )))))


…on the other hand, faster autoplay might result in players buying more WE flasks during Atlantis?! :thinking:

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It’s so slow and the design is incredibly basic. But, devs aren’t going to care because it’s not something that makes money.

Safe & fast autoplay everything:


In fact, I think the speed is normal. I often go to the province of Atlantis and the third season in automatic mode. And this speed allows me to intervene in the battle in time, cancel the automatic mode and continue the game in manual mode. At a higher speed, this will no longer be possible. This will lead to permanent defeats and the loss of a huge amount of world energy, and as a result will cause a huge dissatisfaction of thousands of players.

so many minions!! better throw in a heimdall just to be extra safe though.

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This is false but brings up another problem.
Firstly, I have done what you have mentioned ( switching between half autoplay and half manual) in Dragon Strike which has a much faster autoplay and you are still able to switch smoothly and intervene appropriately. Another problem with E&P’s autoplay is that when you toggle it off, sometimes there is still some carry over and the AI will still automatically make another move or two.

Not sure if trolling/sarcasm but this misses the point of the post. We are talking about the speed of the mechanics of autoplay, as in the automatic matching of tiles and firing of specials. If that was faster, then using this same team, you would clear levels even faster. (Also, using minions is extremely slow)

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Problems with current autoplay:

  • Matches tiles too slowly: the time between one match and another is too long. It should at least match the speed of manual tile play.

  • Hero specials fire too slowly: Shouldn’t fire specials one by one, waiting for each animation to finish. Should fire hero specials at least as fast as manually possible.

  • Untoggling autoplay mid-battle doesn’t always immediately cancel automatic moves: sometimes the AI has 1-2 moves that carry over automatically even after you un-toggle autoplay.

The efficiency of the AI in selecting the optimal move is debatable and not the current main complaint (although it does seem like the AI loves to avoid forming diamonds).

They want to sell loot tickets.

I personally would appreciate doubled or quadrupled speed for autofarming.

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It’s sad to see a sacrifice in quality of coding for the sake of potential profit.

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The minion squad is slightly faster than 4 fast DoA and a healer.

I think more free loot tickets would be for the best. maybe throw more of them into the battle pass?

I doubt that loot tickets are a meaningful part of their revenue generation but arguably they are one of the most quality of life improving parts of the game.

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I’m not sure. I’m convinced that things like incredibly slow auto play are meant to drive profits because it’s so aggravating. It’s like half of the ads in Mystic Vision where the “player” makes awful decisions and the hero gets fried or whatever. It’s like they’re baiting you to say I can do better. So loot tickets are targeting that same tendency. If VIP offered unlimited loot tickets while subscribed, I’d probably have it active every month.

If they touch the suggestion, it would likely be for a price. They’d call it ‘Premium auto-play’ and could probably bundle it with WE flasks and loot tickets.

Edit: I forgot to add stuff like wooden shields, arrows, and sunspire feathers to the bundle to make it worth more.

no Benn, think about how difficult it is to spend $100 on loot tickets every month. think about how easy it is to spend $1k on heroes every month.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is supposed to generate responsive, adaptive and intelligent behaviors all of which are non-existent in Auto mode.


Autoplay is an important and useful farming tool and I’m VERY grateful for it. I occasionally use it when I’m feeling lazy, short on time, or out of loot tickets.

Unfortunately, basic targeting, poor use of specials, and horrible match choices (Diamonds are NEVER selected) make it painfully inefficient.

It know it’s meant for farming levels your team can easily beat, it would just be nice to have an algorithm with half a brain driving the Autoplay bus. With that said…

:star: I propose an overhaul of the Autoplay AI

Please vote if you support this idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Goliath

Have a look at some ideas we had for programmable AI

If X then Y


currently autoplay will fire off specials in ‘Left to Right’ order: LW,LF,T,RF,RW (L=left, R=right, W=wing, F=flank,T=tank/center)
I propose a ‘CENTER FOCUSED’ option that will be in the following priority: T,LF,RF,LW,RW

Targeting with specials is currently ‘RANDOM’, there should also be a ‘CENTER FOCUSED’ option

So there should be in the options of the game a setting like this:
Specials: L-R (default) /or/ Center Priority (T,LF,RF,LW,RW)
Targeting: Random (default) /or/ Center Priority (T,LF,RF,LW,RW)

the biggest improvement this will do is make it so heroes that hit 3 targets with their specials will actually hit 3 most of the time instead of usually wasting one of the hits on an edge

Center focused order of specials going off will allow for more strategy in team layouts with two options.
Personally I would always have targeting be center focused, but special order would depend on the team.

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