[Master] Faster autoplay / Improve Autoplay AI

@Sophia3_AT. You have my vote

Thank you. Yes. I like it

SGG will never do it because we already have loot tickets. No any improvements for free tools. If you want faster - BUY loot tickets.


Buy tickets with 20 characters



Instant win luxory yes.
Can add at least 2x 3x 4x speed animations after match is made.

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I raid enough to see patterns in how the Ai/algorithm is dysfunctional and here are a few things I see consistently:

  1. Over serving tiles of an element that you did not take into battle. Not only at the start of the match, but continuously throughout the raid - an over delivery of an element you simply do not have a hero for.
  2. Feeding cascades to promote an enemy that is close to max special in order to trigger their overdrive. Several occurrences where one more tile sequence will trigger enemy special, and the tile/s are delivered to do so.

In this regard I do not find the board to be randomized enough. I believe the algorithm needs to be adjusted so that it is impartial to my above, recurring experiences.

To whomever is reading - thank you!

Having played this game for so long, it has become extremely tedious and a chore to autoplay every day to earn recruits for training. We live in a real world and actually have busy lives. To keep the interest of those seasoned players, the game should offer x2 autoplay speed after achieving a certain level and then x4 autoplay speed when reaching another level. You would want to take the boring out of this game and start making the experience fun again. Please take a look at AFK Arena… their game is fast and fun, which will also encourage investments in in-app purchases.


The OPTION would be nice, but SG makes money for loot tickets. So. . . . Capitalism wins.

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add a “speed x2” button for seasonal maps while playing auto.


If I was Small Giant, my question would be: “Why would we do that? We would lose earnings since players would not buy the loot tickets being sold twice a month in the featured in-game shop.”

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They already have a speed option. It is called loot tickets. And as a F2P or C2P you can collect quite a few through regular game play. I am saving mine right now for farming some of the more harder levels later on. I have only been playing this game since Oct. '20. I am currently at player level 23, building on SH16, my only expense has been the VIP Pass which I just got 13 days ago mainly for the second builder and I already have 89 loot tickets.

a change was noticed in how the defensive team attacks.
now when they are going to improve the automatic mode of play not much but that has a logic.
I am not saying that the system foresees 2 or more moves and plays in the best way.
But if you have the option of one day, do it and not just any triple combination.
also with the dragon token the same.

Hello , could you please make automatic attack mode on the maps move faster? it is actually moving slower than manual attack.

They already offer a faster solution, called Loot Tickets.

The game has been adding lots of new features and activities, and the amount of time it takes to keep up with everything is increasing. Enabling faster autoplay would enable more actual playing time in the same period of clock time. It also would reduce those annoying accidental timeouts that happen when autoplay starts to become tedious and attention wanders.

Can you teach the AI when using auto play to not use a special attack if they match the reflective color. For example, in the current special event if I am using Sonya, she almost always attacks the 1 character that reflects blue.


There are so many great ways to improve auto play like not using a special on the last (almost dead) enemy on a board before a boss board…but my guess is that SGG would say “This would be an expensive programming process” and trolls will say to play yourself or adjust your heroes if you don’t like how the AI plays. But, smarter auto play would be sweeeeeeeet

This was asked and answered in the Q&A

I read this as a performance issue on older devices being the bottleneck.

I would be a happier cadi if autoplay was auto-selected until I turn it off again. Would make farming easier. Esp. during AR I catch myself forgetting it to click and when I check I see the monsters on wave 1 happily wiggling infront of me :woman_facepalming:
I understand a complete automatization including to auto-enter the previous stage played is not in interest of SG but I think keeping the autoplay button selected should be okay.

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