[Master] Faster autoplay / Improve Autoplay AI

1)faster autoplay to reduce battery usage.
2)Or it should be only available for ex. after player plays that stage XY(50,100) times and always wins - on autoplay(without using items). It will play like autoplay, so I could loose if I use weak team, but it will be much more faster. Show how many times I played each stage above stage button.

How about just smarter moves. I’ve watched possible connect 5s get moved to connect 3s which is the biggest reason it’s so slow


Triple speed autoplay instead of 2nd builder to choose for vip… :sunglasses:


I support the idea of faster autoplay. A doubling or tripling of the speed would be great. Or they could double the speed when hitting the button twice, 4xspeed when hitting the button three times, 8xspeed when hitting four times.

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If there was a way to remove the special animations while using auto play I think that would speed it up a good bit. If someone is using auto play there is a good chance they aren’t paying close attention or even watching the screen at all.

Do animations affect server load at all? With all the server issues created by raid tournaments, if removing special animations decreased server load it would also benefit SG too.

Maybe that would be easier to code as well. I am not technologically savvy so I have no clue how easy or difficult some of these things would be to add/delete

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Yes it would and probably by about or close to 50% at that time as these take up lots of resources. Not only that but also decrease internet download usage as well for that instance during the animation period.

@Alyssaann1014 and @Ozy1

These animation should not be consuming any resources on the servers as this is normally stored locally on the phone.

You can still address the battery consumption of having these animation. As having a resource friendly app gives it a more eco-friendly status.
It could even improve SG’s already good reputation as climate change and eco-friendliness are hot topic these days.


Offcourse for free sounds better. But instead of second builder also sounds nice. For now all buildings are 20. Dont need second builder anymore

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At least till the new buildings come into play, then 2nd builder will be appreciated again.

I would like to see what room I am in at all times. Room 1-3, 2-3, etc. I tend to autoplay the initial rooms and like to take over in the last room JUST before the boss room. The speed of the auto play is ok.

Great idea - battery drain caused by the game is enormous :frowning_face:

While I like the idea, this is the reason why they introduced loot tickets. They make money out of them, so I don’t expect them to change anything.

I support removing the animation in auto play. Sometimes I auto play the minion rooms but I play the boss room.

@zephyr1 @Rook
Will you consider this topic for meging please with the other three for the similar vote.

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Loot tickets = faster autoplay

quite a lot of spending in this game imao.
if we coul’d atleast spare that expense

I don’t need faster autoplay. It goes pretty fast when I am watching what happens on the board or when I am studying how a hero is working out. If I am not watching it I don’t care . However, As far as battery usage, I would prefer reduced graphics in autoplay.

You don’t think autoplay is slow to speed up.


Nemyslíte si ,že automatické hraní je pomalé a má se zrychlit.

When we get faster autoplay? It’s slow as hell. Ups sorry I forgot they do nothing only grab money.


E&P’s autoplay is notorious for its sub-par performance. I know that a better autoplay is easily achievable since I also play another match-3 RPG called Dragon Strike (DS) made by Ember Games which is a much smaller studio but has a much better autoplay function.

It is debatable what “good” AI auotplay is characterized by. Sometimes, there isn’t an objective “best move”. However, one improvement that should be made is speed. As you mentioned, the current autoplay in E&P is extremely sluggish.

In DS, when autoplay is toggled on, each move is made immediately after the previous move finishes. Hero specials fire in quick succession instead of waiting to fire one by one like in E&P. Also in DS, if you replay a level and had autoplay already toggled during the previous playthrough, it will automatically have autoplay enabled on the replay as well. This is extremely helpful when farming the same level.

Small Giant can do better. I’m sure they have more resources available than a small-time studio like Ember Games (DS has probably ~1% of the playerbase that E&P does) and re-coding the autoplay function shouldn’t be that big of a venture. Autoplay may seem like a small feature, but it is an aspect of the game that nearly ALL active players use for farming and quests. Improving something that influences the quality of life of all players is definitely significant.


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