[Master] Farm, mines, training camps having windmill or missing windmill

Windmill showing up on training camps and mines and missing on farms even after upgrades

Can you please post a screenshot?

Screenshot added to above post

This is ofc a bug
Please follow this thread and report it using this screenshot.

I’ve had exactly this bug. Here’s what caused mine:

I was playing two accounts on the same device. The location of base buildings for some reason isn’t fully refreshed.

Solution: arrange your buildings on all accounts to be exactly the same. This will not only fix the immediate problem but also make your life easier.


Thank you! That makes sense

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My windmills apears in trainingboots.Screenshot_20190504-115005

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Well now you know the secret, we eat all the lesser heroes. Grind them up in the mill and dish them out to strengthen our stronger heroes


This is a known occurrence. Typically, restarting the game resolved the issue.


This is a known issue. If you use multiple accounts. To clear sails just relocate the TC with a windmill that has no sails. You can relocate your TC back to its original position. Be aware that you will have to do this each time you log in with an alternate ID.

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Hi @Rikkert and welcome to the forum! Since your issue is a known problem, I’ve merged your thread in with the master thread on the subject.

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