[Master] Exchanged wrong 5* hero in Soul Exchange and Small Giant Games refuses to help me! or Rant thread

[Master] Exchanged wrong 5* hero in Soul Exchange and Small Giant Games refuses to help me! or Rant thread


Immediately unfavorite the 20x possible 5* heroes for for Soul Exchange

If you do this 35 days before Soul Exchange, you can discover if any of these 5* heroes are on hidden teams ( looking at you Class quests )


Do not put unlocked 5* heroes on a team, it will confuse the issue


Set the unlocked 5* hero to base version, or costume version, whichever has a higher power

Do not change unlocked heroes to the lower power version, it will only confuse the issue


Consider raising all important 5* heroes to 5*+1

If properly designed, Soul Exchange should reject 5*+1 heroes. This rejection already happens if you try to level Hero A with X*+1 Hero B


You can also skip the first 2 appearances of Soul Exchange and see if Small Giant Games codes any fixes like Niantic did for Pokémon GO trading and Small Giant Games did for Costume chamber v1.0
( no matching base hero, TZS was warned months before release )

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This topic is designed to complain about

Releasing poorly designed features

Poor customer service involving problems from releasing poorly designed features

Tier 1 Customer support, that week will be an excellent time to take vacation / leave

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Good luck

Good luck with your permanent, non reversible, soul exchanging

see also

Pre release rant

see also

(🧪 Early Information on Soul Exchange [Part of The Beta Beat V45] - #986 by Gryphonknight)

Customer Support (edit)

No, this article was NOT helpful

Really cannot wait to see how powerful a 5* 1.1 Gravemaker is versus a lost Marjana b+5^85 / c+5* 1.1 ( currently set to c+5* 1.1 ) accidentally consumed by Soul Exchange



You should get some sort of award for planning ahead!


ALL the game’s poorly designed features? This topic will break the Internet. :joy:



Well, many players will be carefully with soul exchange for your error. I’m sorry for you, but thanks for your information, I sure be carefully with this.


C’mon bro :joy: .
I hope you use the lock button before eating fifty F2P legendary’s or you will be making posts in this thread


What am I going to do with Azlar 3-15?
Soul exchange let’s me pick who I want for a bunch of feeders otherwise. I’ve already fed several domitia and Leos away over the years because I don’t need them.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Excited if it was FIFTY heroes??? We’re reaching a point where being unhappy about anything isn’t even conceivable. Oh I wish I was so easily satisfied.

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It wasn’t my intent to derail future advice,
Some have more dupes than others
:man_shrugging:t2: Excited or not, belongs elsewhere

This thread is for harrowing pain

@Ruskin505 gave me a chuckle just because that’s a lot of tapping! I imagined it:
tossing 50 legendary’s into a blender to make one 5* beverage. This would take some time!

Ok my 3-15 Azlar, yup… get in there!
Tapping tapping tapping… hmmm
No not my Joon, I still use him
Un-tapping, Re-tapping
Scroll scroll scroll
More tapping, there…
I stuffed 50 f2p 5* in there. phew


And then afterwards excitedly putting your team together with your new Skadi

And scrolling
And scrolling
Where’s my Miki??

The scrolling gets more sporadic and panicked


I didn’t… did I…?

Should have read @Gryphonknight’s advice


I wonder if there will be someone ranting about letting their kids play the game only to find that their favorite heroes, locked or unlocked, got fed away to the Soul Exchange. Imagine if it resulted in getting Reuben.


Many people have accidentally limit broken the wrong hero, SG added a statement in their support page saying they will not reimburse anything for such accidents. I’m sure similar statement will be coming out for soul exchange too once it’s live.

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20 characters permanently lost Classic 5^85 hero


Probably this one

(I accidentally sacrificed my Hero/Troop! — Empires & Puzzles Help Center)

See also

For the user base, as a whole, 420 days of HA10 results in 3x limited availability heroes ( these can be duplicates )

But you lose zero 5* heroes

For the user base as a whole, 3x RT20, for 420 days results in 31.5x 5* heroes, enough for 3.15x Tier 1, 5* heroes from Soul Exchange or 1.575x Tier 3, 5* heroes from Soul Exchange

But you sacrifice 30x 5* heroes,

If you get costumes for these sacrificed heroes ( looking at you Magni, and Marjana ) you may take years to get additional copies for alliance based events

Choose your 5* sacrifices wisely


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It is definitely an issue how the order / team heros and troops appear. I have had confusion where I was going to emblem hero X that was supposed to be on tourney defense, only to emblem another dupe. So there is definitely room for improvement in SG’s design. I have played their other game - the zombie one - and that’s even worse. That layout requires you to pull up some kind of menu of teams. Anyway, what’ really needed is not just to have favorites, but to be able to put certain dupe heros / troops away into a kind of archive. When you are looking for a feeder or to do soul exchange, of a HA retrain, you can go into that archive and never worry about incinerating the wrong Obakan, for example. Putting a really lame alert that says: do you really want to incinerate Obakan - he’s legendary… that’s a step in the right direction to protect against accidental clicks, but not very helpful when you deliberately pick the wrong Obakan and don’t realize it.

Renaming and Tags

But that just postpones the problem

We need a way to differentiate between heroes

Niantic’s Pokémon GO solved 85% of the problem with Renaming, and Tags

You can then sort, and filter, by lots of different terms

(pokemon go search terms - Google Search )

Click for notes

Trash / Alchemy Lab ingredients

Translucent red is renaming ( limit 12 characters, renaming is not public, only account holder can see them. Because. Humans )

Translucent yellow are tags ( limit 100x tags )

This Pokémon is going to the equivalent of Alchemy Lab to be turned into Emblems

Emblem path

Weird symbols identify the different builds

Default for comparison


I suspect the issue to renaming is that nothing actually lives in the local copy of the game. It’s all out in their little server cloud. I think that is to prevent hacking. So that means any kind of sorts or filters would have to be done on the server side, and adding those dimensions to the database would affect peformance, on a game this size, probably pretty significantly. However splitting up the database into two subsets actually has the potential to improve performance. But I do get what your saying… there will be someone who get’s confused and thinks they are in the archive when they aren’t and trades a hero they wanted to keep. But in that case it’s harder to excuse and easier to put up a meaningful warning. Instead of “Did you really want to incinerate a legendary hero?”, the prompt would be “The copy of C.Krampus you have select to guillotine is in your active hero cancelpool. If you intended to gas an inactive copy of C.Krampus DO NOT CONTINUE. Click CANCEL and try again by first navigating to your archive.”

Server versus client

A significant number of operations are done client side in Empires ( see notes )


Yes, all Pokémon GO renaming is done server side, but all sort operations, and filters, are done client side

Same with tags


Click for notes


Bugs / Exploits


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Well that is interesting. I suppose we’d need to look at the game design in detail to know for sure if psudonyms could be easily implemented into the client side of things (without openning up any exploits). If so, then I would second your solution over the one I proposed.

20 characters DOOM DOOM DOOM


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Ok, apparently I am just old and stupid because I didn’t understand the rant (Yes, I understand that a wrong hero was lost), but beyond that…I’m lost.

So, my intention is to unlock the 20 heroes I plan to exchange. If I am careful and only unlock the ones I intend to do that with, am I at risk for an unexpected loss?


This is exactly what i am wondering after reading all the above too…

I too am lost. Send in 20 5* at 1.1 and only those are highlighted for soul exchange and it’s possible the game randomly consumes other 5*'s despite the emblem, broken, or favorite status?