[Master] Emblems not Doubled...? [Not an Issue - Staff Clarification in Post #68 & #99]

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Have combined all the threads together about the emblems not being doubled post October 2020 balance going live despite being stayed as such in the Release Notes.
Awaiting word from staff

Staff response in post #68.

Please note that not every source was individually doubled but the TOTAL amount was doubled.

  • Alkylshards are now 30 per 1000 shards
  • VIP is now 3 per day
  • Pov was updated already (compare to PoV4)
  • Class trial increased to 22 per class not 18 previously.
  • Tournament loot increased massively.
  • Etc…

Thanks for your patience

Hey guys, so from now on we have double amount of emblems everywhere but why we still have only 10 emblems in alchemy lab?


You just wait. It has not yet taken effect as of the moment of this writing…

The OP is correct, my alliance mate also combined alkashards and got 10 emblems instead of 20. The update has already come into effect 2 hrs back.

Yeah, I just restarted my mobile device in the hope that the system will get updated on the game. Still, 10 emblems is the max when combining alkashards.

@Petri @KiraSG @EmpiresPuzzles @mhalttu

Can you guys help us on this? Thanks.

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I just combined shards (after update is live for new embleming system)

I was offered 10 emblems rather than the expected 20.


Same with class quests. They promised that emblems from mentioned sources will be doubled. Previously, we used to get a total of 36 emblems, now after update it is 44 emblems. Are they going back on their own words?


Imma take a stab at this… someone meant to type 200%, but typed 20% instead. :rofl:


Just had the same… only 10 emblems offered from Alchemy Lab alkashards instead of the promised 20…

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The release notes indicated that emblems received from class quests (and other sources listed) would be doubled.

Prior to this release, we would receive 36 emblems for completing all 3 stages. With the new changes, we are receiving 44.

I assume this is not a bug so I didn’t post in the bug section of the forum. But we are not receiving double the emblems, that’s for sure.


Simply SG and the dev team can’t be honest about the changes they apply to their system.

Announced double amount of emblems - End result less then 40% buff

You are right.

Why did they lie to us? What are they doing?

Someone typed 20% when they meant 200% :rofl: :rofl:

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actually, les than 20%.
they typed “double up” not a number, soo.
maybe the rest until the 200% lies in the store who knows.

No, their exact wording was
“The total amount of Class Emblems received from these sources is doubled.”

Which to each of us implies each source will give double what it used to.

yes, you are right. just coming back to edit. then they even can’t shuffle them, clearly they should be 8, 12, 16

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Well, @Guvnor is on the scene, hooray! Wonder if @Staff_SGG is a sprightly as the mods…

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Probably @Guvnor is going to be very busy merging similar threads. Keep it up, Guv !!


Just saw Petri typing a second ago & he moved the thread from #bugs-issues to #general-discussion so I expect we’ll get clarification soon.


Hmm, got 30 emblems at 6:26 UTC, 26 minutes after the update. Had checked that Vela was down to 24% as well before I opened it. Still a decent chest, just not 60 emblem decent.

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