[MASTER] Elemental link affecting every element

I’ve got two 2019 heroes Ranvir and Kunchen, but only one elemental link works at one time. You don’t get both, Kunchen seems to cancel out Ranvir. I think this is a bug

see here for clarification: (and update in next release)

Hotmns Elemental link bonus - Ideas & Feature Requests - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (smallgiantgames.com)

this should be part of the new release, so elemental links can overwrite each other…
Otherwhise the old HOTM’s would be way too strong now…


Similar element links don’t stack. Only different ones. Kunchen’s and Ranvir’s are similar.

As @MichlD90 said, starting from version 45, similar element links will overwrite each other and refresh the number of turns they’re active. As of right now, they simply won’t work if there’s another already active.

so…in raid fight i meet some defence team ho had uraeus to all ally…it wasn’t holly ally!!!way???since when?

I’m assuming there were at least two hero of the month from same year on the team- the bonus for that is that elemental link affects all allies (not only of same element).


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