[MASTER] Elemental link affecting every element

So it appears something is off in the elemental link recently assigned to old HOTM.

  1. it is assigned to every hero irrelevant of element (see pic)

  2. when an elemental link is assigned in such way and you fire a second hero that triggers another such elemental link the new one fizzles, i.e. I fired Hel after Athena but the blue elemental link kept being active whilst the purple is nowhere to be found

You have 2 of the 2017 heroes and having that triggers the link to all heroes. That’s what the description says so it’s doing that as written.

Whether as intended I don’t know but it’s pretty cool.


As per the pic below:


Ahh wait…I think you have something

From the description Finley should have 2 links here…one from 2019 and one from 2020

So it’s not actually working as it says

Elemental links are undispellable, so can’t be overwritten. I think it’s working as intended if the links give the same status effect and doesn’t stack


Finley should have 2 there though as it say “All Allies”

And he has none? Doesn’t seem right

He doesn’t get the family bonus since he’s not a HoTM. It’s the element links that are shared. If you fire Grazul and Clarissa then he should get the mana boost and the special skill def boost

No that reads as a separate additional bonus for having 2 of them.

Have 1/2/3 already gives it to them as they are the family.

The 2nd point says if you have 2 it affect ALL allies. So everyone on your team


you did not fire any of the HOTMs, they’re not passive.


Again…doesn’t say that but let me check that and post back

Ok so wows…

Works when fired. That’s huge tbh

Edit - that’s also why they’ve nerfed the mana buff heroes from this year…


Yeah. Individually probably doesn’t make a hero super strong or anything, but having just 2 makes it great for the whole team if you don’t go mono. The 2021 family bonus doesn’t activate until next year though

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I know…but explains the nerf nonetheless.

I mean I think it’s amazing as a whole now as I have a lot of HOTM. The synergy and team building opportunities just exploded.

Also means there’s a reason to chase older HOTM (SGG really aren’t daft…) but from a purely selfish position this is pretty awesome


Sadly, I don’t have many pre-2021 HoTMs. Might level up Zulag now to pair with Clarissa.

Similar to Rafa + Glenda, who will be tough in Rush. Special Skill def up + Minions for everyone

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Elemental links are weird, since firing the same hero overwrites any old link with the new link. Effectively resetting the duration

The new Elemental rainbow links might be buggy

The original Elemental, single color links could stack infinitely

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Yup, my fault.

While the 2 elemental link have the same effect I should probably check if duration of elemental link is refreshed when you fire the second one.

So… no more colours, welcome inclusiveness :smiley:

They get a bit of stick (deserved at times) but this is generally pretty awesome I think

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I agree

With titan damage multipliers only being three colors ( blue, green and yellow )

and most years having 2x to 3x HotM of each color ( 12 months and 5 colors )

Purple, and red, Titan scores are going to get interesting

And you can stack different effects from the same year.

Finley below now has 3 links and a minion from Glenda (best I could do until 2021 gets the family link)

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I checked.
If you have Athena’s rainbow link active and you fire Hel’s duration is not refreshed :woman_shrugging:t3:

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