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Same on iOS, so guess there is a server issue


its a known issue confirmed by petri on another post

Link to Petri’s post confirming that staff are aware.

Down confirmed. Closing in on 1 atlantis summon :stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking for this info. Seems like Singapore has similar implementation for their GST (Goods & Services Tax) except that the exceptions are mainly for international trade items (that do not impact domestic scene): usually goods in transit earmarked for other destinations, and are temporarily stored in bonded warehouses.

Now I know what the £ price includes. That 20% VAT.

Thank you.

Haven’t been able to open the store since I updated to v57. I get the usual “use the default browser” message while still using Safari the same way I always did. Am I the only one having this issue since the update? I know some people had that problem when it first started, but has there been any consistent solution found, specifically for iOS?

When i click on connect all that shows up is a QR code - whatt am supposed to do with that???

Go to empiresandpuzzles.com in the default browser on your phone. (Or click the link in the forum on a desktop and then use your phone to follow the QR code.)

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Im pretty stumped too. Used to work fine on my phone.

Now when I try to connect I get that QR code. If I try to scan it on my phone (site is on my laptop) it just goes to the same site and asks for me to connect again.

Edit: Figured it out. Changed the settings to desktop site and it now allows me to connect

Neither answer helps me at all, i am using tablet for game - need defailed instructions on how to get rid of the QR code … there are no settings to go to

You don’t have to use the QR code. Simply go to the website that I indicated. As long as you are using the default browser, it will connect to the game and allow you to get your free coins.

EDIT: Of course, I now realize that the site is identifying your tablet as a “computer” and not a “mobile-game capable device”, after thinking about it further. I guess you have to convince it somehow, but that’s beyond my experience.

Again that was of no help at all, unable ro get into online store

There is an option in the browser to request mobile or desktop version of the site.

It’s locked out of some regions… Belgium for sure. Maybe Rusia. Don’t know. That might keep you from accessing the site.

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I’ve only ever gotten it to work with my iPhone. My iPad absolutely will not let me redeem the freebies.

If you see a QR code when you click on “connect all,” it’s possible that the application or website you are trying to connect to is using QR code authentication. A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone or other device’s camera.

That still doesnt answer my question, i know what a qr code is but how can i get in to the store!!! I need clear precise steps

When you go to the store it opens in a web page. At the top of the page click on the 3 dots and chose either " request desktop site or request mobile site" it worked for me after weeks of searching for an answer. I’m using a Chrome book tablet.

Anyone how can i delete my card number at ep store?