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I use Safari 99.9% of my browsing on my devices. Let me see if changing to the mobile version changes any results.

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Yeah I was only a day away from that Black Friday 350 gem deadline when I found out the above. Wanted to help out anyone using Safari, because it can be done.

With the 350 gems I pulled a Melia dupe, but with this week’s Covenant coins I actually pulled a decent hero who I’ve been wanting for a while now.

Welp, one step forward, two steps back.

The QR code disappeared…and so did the offer. Before that, it was listed at 11hrs remaining. Now it’s gone,

Again, no new coins, no new tokens, just gone.

Well, that’s not supposed to happen. I think you connect to the game, then it connects you back to the site, reloads it, and then you hit Claim Gift.

So complicated for Safari users!

According to Support, I claimed that particular gift on Christmas. Which I can accept that’s possible.

Still raises the obvious question as to why it was showing up as available, even after I claimed a different gift on the following Tuesday.

I cant take any free gifts, CRAPPPPPPP

Old topic.

click here for Zynga’s response

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:warning: mod edit: Google Translate to English:

Impossible to collect another gift, always have the same notification, vpn, living in belgium, vpn is on the netherlands, making purchases is possible.
does anyone know.

Original text

Onmogelijk om nog een gift te ophalen telkens dezelfde melding heb vpn , woon in belgie vpn staat op nederland aankopen doen lukt wel.
weet iemand raad.

Next time please english out side of #foreign-languages category.

Staff has released just this for Apple devices:

I am merging your question to a topic where other had similar issues.
You might find an answer there or someone else might can answer you.

the given solution doesn’t help also i use google chrome this doesn’t help either