[MASTER] Dispels vs Removes problem -- HOTM and Guardian Chameleon and Gazelle

Well, only few heroes have the ability to remove undispellable status effects. So I do not think this will disrupt the balance of the game in any significant way.

I think it is just SGG’s way of introducing a new element to the game.


It’s not like either of these skills suddenly get better just because they remove everything.

And also keep in mind, they remove everything. Chameleon removes any ailments you casted too, and Gazelle removes any buffs you casted and also prevents you from stacking anything else on top.

I think that gives more thought to using their skills – you can’t just click them whenever they fully charge, or you may undo something you wanted to keep. Also means their synergies with other heroes are more strict.


It seems to go like this for status effects:

  1. Normal Buffs
  2. Normally indispellable buffs

This whole mess is all about SG realizing that they screwed up.

“Huh. lots of indispellable buffs. That makes things difficult. Well, uuhh… lets make heroes that dispel those, too!”
“But then we can’t call them indispellable!”
“Shut up, Bob.”

Here’s how the new progression works, as per the hyper ultra-secret beta testing program that the Illuminati have invited me to and is 100% totally real:

  1. Normal
  2. Normally Indispellable
  3. Indispellable For Realsies
  4. Indispellable, Except during the waxing gibbous phase of the moon.
  5. Permanent Battle Effect that can’t be removed until Season 4
  6. Ultra-Special 7DD & CP Heroes - God Mode

(file under satire)


It’s kinda like MTG. There always is a way to get around almost anything. There was kill, then destroy, then Indestructible, but not necessarily impossible to kill. The kinda like ghost girl, you can remove from the game and then bring back, removing everything that was there. In the end, there is always a new ability. Surprisingly, MTG was more or less able to keep a reasonable balance. But the power creep is real.


I see zero problem with this, it is (and hopefully remains) an ability rarely seen, and it actually makes sense in the context of Chameleon and Gazelle’s special. Those specials would be problematic otherwise.

EDIT: removed silly and confusing example lol.

I saw in another thread just like this someone highlight the distinction between the keywords “remove” and “dispel”, and that made perfect sense.

And no, they will NOT add an “unremovable” status type… Anyone seriously thinking this will happen is obviously someone who will never, ever be happy with SGG… which begs the question why they keep playing lol

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They already have it- form

Ghost form
Chameleon form


Well the difference there is one is a form (as you highlighted), whereas I’m referring to a status effect (buff/ailment).

Oh and I believe you have the Zombie thing too, as a form, that can’t be dispelled or removed or revoked or reverted or whatever. Can’t see them adding a hero who can “revert” a form… unless forms are gonna become a more common thing in the future lol.

There’s at least one S3 hero with a form.

To anyone who is still upset or confused about these skills:

I have a guide on Status Effects where I point out that the game is very clear when using the words “dispel” and “remove”

I do understand the confusion though, but this is typical of many RPG games to do, whether they’re real time strategy or card-based games; new terms are introduced to shake up the game.

I also want to point out that while the above is a fan-guide written by me, the source material comes straight from the developers patch notes:


Thank you for this clarification. Now I understand better.

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they will release new hotm with non dispellable and non removeable effect, 2019 hotm are has been now, they ll join Perseus on the bench :rofl:

@DaveCozy thanks for this insight, as I pulled both Gazelle and Chameleon today.

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Why worried?

SGG will make couple of HotM that able to resist anyway.

This effect definitely cannot be dispelled by any special whatsoever.

Thats the hero im waiting for lol

As long as no hero will remove another I’m fine with it. :wink:

I agree that it is not good.

Ameonna was the first, but I didn’t have a huge problem with it because it made her “dead”. However, I think it was stupid as allowing her to keep buffs would have made her a good hero instead of the “mehhh” she is now.

Anything else shouldn’t have been done at all. Indispellable should mean just that. If SG has a problem with it, they should have never put it in the game to begin with and just stop adding more heroes that have it.

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Someone please explain Undispellable to me. I thought it meant nothing or no one could un dispell your spell. Meaning, it could not be taken away. Now you have a Gazelle heroe who can take away Undispellable doesn’t this void what you had originally stated was not able to be taken away. Haven’t you just contradicted yourself? This is very upsetting to me. It’s like you are in such a rush to create new heroes that to the old heroes but forgot to stop and think of how this might nullify your existing heroes. Am I missing something?


LOL you will love how they get around what you are asking… It is NOT dispelled it is removed!!!


The circle of life!
20 jabberwok :woman_shrugging::wink:

You’re not missing anything, and it really does make the term ‘undispellable’ meaningless.