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Standard reply from CS.

You have beeped them. Ball is in their court now.

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Thank you for taking care of my problem as if it were your own. It’s really nice to meet sensitive people.

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How about adding VIP and Valor pass, maybe even offers to the store. That way people from countries like Vietnam where the game got taken off Google Play store can still play.

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will we get all the offers by the website now? or just the gems ones?

We will see. I have 0 information on this.

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any tip about it, @Petri ?

Trying to get some gems for Black Friday. Are any of the offers in the store worth it?

They don’t look too great at first glance

If you only want gems for ongoing BF portal, the BF offers in the store are better deals than the in-game Bf offers.

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Compared to what? The in game deals may be better, but going into the in game shop certainly not.

I’m just speculating, but I would think SGG doesn’t want to significantly decrease the amount of revenue going to the google pay store and Apple.

If they moved all the in-game deals to the web store, that would annihilate the revenue going to Apple/google - and my guess is Apple/google wouldn’t look so favorably upon this type of move…

Apple/Google do monitor revenue earned from each app hosted by them, especially gaming apps.

This game has made them a lot of money since its inception in 2017. Revenue to date has already crossed US$1B some time ago. That’s US$300m for that US$1B.

If revenue earned from hosting this game drops sufficiently significant or doesn’t make sense for Apple/Google to host this game, they would just stop hosting this game.

Hello everyone !

It seems SG keeps giving out free stuff:



Instead of the nothing special 450 gems for $5.00, I’d like to see an enhanced VIP offered. Or even several versions of an enhanced VIP that offers different dailies that you can sub for the second builder.

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new offer on store, way better then on app 4 ETT FOR 5.99 E

Can we buy this offer by Google play card ? or just by money transfer from bank ?

It is rather funny how the payment system is not shown.

with CC or paypall buddy.