[Master Discussion] VIP and Timesaver VIP Passes

Used mini time saver vip this morning so I could loot ticket the goblin quest just to make my life easier. Great feature.


Shocking that you can’t get chests/coins for using loot tickets to replay stages on challenge events. Farming summons coins is ~90% of the whole point of loot tickets.

There should at least be a warning when you go to use them.

How many people are out there wasting loot tickets thinking they must just be really unlucky?

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These have increased in price:

£2.99 standard
£9.99 premium


I sure won’t be buying them, I was going to but I won’t now at this increased price


And not even migrated the old “premium” version to the new premium version, as they did when they changed the VIP pass…

I have a single word when talking about this company: GREED


hahahha 10 eur no way hahahah

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I was really looking forward to this upgraded time saver VIP but at 10€, it’s way too much and unfair when watching an ad is worth a couple of cents at most… I was ready to open my VC2P wallet up to 5€ I think but this really tears my heart as the ad skip feature is so great to save time loading and watching and closing (sometimes with up to three clicks on the cross in the corner…) ads :confused:


Yeah if they kept the original prices I would have upgraded to the premium for a few extra dollars. But for $14.99 no way! :smile:

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The price for new premium is ridiculous. 3 times more than standard. That’s a joke.


Priced out the C2P croud… I might buy a month once a year at Christmas or something, but it wont become a regular purchace.

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in beta was with 1000 or 1500 gems,with gems maybe will be worth

Yea looking forward to the “combo” offer then, it should be more affordable, or at least valuable with the extra gems.

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100% feel the same as you. I had been so excited waiting for this to go live at that max price point. What a disappointment :neutral_face:

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