🧙 [Master Discussion] - Updated Tower Of Magic Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

It is so frustrating that this Tower has total of 75 levels (both modes) while we only have 50 total free flags to use. It is literally impossible for anyone who doesn’t buy the extra flasks to complete the whole event.

This Tower needs a serious re-work for future, in case they plan to place it in future calendars. Everybody must have equal free rights to reach the final stage. Make us buy refills IF we fail a stage. Why Ninja Tower is working properly but other Towers not?


In the end, improved previous by just 702 points.

The deficit in the normal tower was just too much to make up. Doubtful that this will stay in top 1k.


Gestalt is my new King of the Tower!


I have a question about blessings. Is it me or blessings that buff/stack attack and buff mana gen or give mana after firing a special are offered way less than before?
I get a lot more of health/def blessings and very often i’m forced to choose those cause they’re the only ones i got. I remember i used to pick more of the attack up stack, two/three times by the first impossible levels, in the last runs i could pick the first one only near the end of the normal tower.
That’s quite frustrating, cause attack up/mana gen blessing are way more useful in speeding up the completion of levels (or just the difficulty) and could influence quite a lot the scoring.

The loot at the end must be improved! There are so many new stuff in the game aethers, crystals etc. that are not included but they must be!


I do have a question about health/healing blessings, I never know which of these to pick: do any of them count as boosted health and which ones, if so?

With Gestalt, I didn’t need items even during the last fight :slight_smile:


That depends very much on how exactly you play, what strategy you use. For example, I play with minions, so first I choose health - the more health for a hero, more health for the minion. Also with the blessing that recovers health on every special skill it is not necessary to bring healer, but the higher stat on health you have, the higher chance to stay alive longer.

@Greatatuin ETT went work there, so NO :wink:

:point_up_2: Final results. Top 50k. No items


As expected, dropped out of top 1k despite an improvement in the score from 2.5 months ago.
That’s a large inflation in scores (was 889th previously). Will decide during the next one whether to push harder.



Unfortunately, I was not prepared to finish Tower (didn’t have enough gems for flasks). Bought one flask, just out of curiousity (I missed some flags and had to repeat some stages).

I’ll try to finish it next time :slight_smile:


I think i was 4.5k last time with 2.7 million score so a big improvement for me.



more than happy with 500 emblems… I get why people don’t want to do the extra 25 levels…

and with the stupid 5* troops you need to use emblems on to level… the emblems from this… are welcome in my account.

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