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I didn’t have a healer either but I was able to finish it. I had to use some time stops for the final bosses to avoid the first rounds of special attacks.

Nothing is impossible.

Good luck!!!:wink:

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2nd account

Frosty will be leveled in my 1st account
Emblems saved
Trainer for Lianna



4x hero challenge


I decided to use Frigg even though she isn’t fully leveled yet. She did not disappoint. I used a few items, but overall things went better than expected. Barb emblems to BK (+15), rogue emblems saved for Frigg, trainer hero to Frigg (4/56).


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Let’s try Frank instead of 2nd Grimm…

Hard to setup blue diamond, so green diamond instead.

Finished, use one minor mana and bomb.
Not big different with Frank.


Barbarian maybe for Frank (already have enough for BK in future), Rogue keep later, maybe Francine if maxed.
Trainer keep it for BK, finally Mount Umber 6th Rings for him.


This is the team I used this time:

It was easier than I expected, even without a healer. I had to use some healing potions and antidotes to remove burn.

Trainer for Wilbur, barbaric emblems for Ametrine and the rogue ones will be saved.


Same team as last time used a few health and a green pot…

Everything in storage :slight_smile:


I forgot to take a picture, but the team was:

Jackal +18
Grimm +18
Gretel +18
Little John w/ CB +14 (ish)

In the first two stages I had Domitia +3 instead of LJ. Switched because that mana slow is huge. Still no way for me to do this without items. No healer and tons of glass cannons really hurts there.

Of the bosses no one fired but Scarlett at the end when I wasn’t paying attention. LJ and Gretel and mana pots work well. It’s the key to my quests and events too. I did still lose 2 heroes (maybe Jackal and Gretel?). Both at the very end when using health pots wasn’t worth it.

I wish I had a rogue or barbarian healer (that or a Miki/Jott to just blow anything red away :laughing:). I can’t remember what I did for the vanilla challenge, but without Gretel it must have been harder.

I had considered resetting Little John to load Azlar. He is my only red 5* (still :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). Then these and events show me how useful LJ is. Maybe the costume bonus can keep him alive without emblems?

Trainer to Ranvir who I want to finish ASAP and badly. Currently maybe 33/70 or so.

Good luck out there!



Same team as always and easy.

Peters / Miki / Brynhild (+19) / Jott +19) + Grimm (+19)

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I made the change. c-LJ to +1 and Azlar now +4. Long term project to see how this shakes out. I have lots of resets anyway.


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last time was

this time i have a very strange problem. Completed all this morning and i cannot remember what team i used :rofl: I’m sure it was:
x - Grimm +10 - Brynhild +9 - Miki +4 - GM +10

where x may be a Domitia +c.bonus+14 or a Malosi without emblems :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
One thing i can remember, though, is that it was FAST. Like, very fast. Miki’s magic: i only needed few different matches to clear the stage, thanks to a benevolent board. If only it were always so easy and relaxing.

Emblems are going to Miki (i wanna bring him at least to +10, then move onto Malosi) and, since there’s not really much competition, to Domitia (my new project to bring to +20. I decided to bring to +20 one 5* at a time and focus all the other emblems on 4* and since i have only Brynhild as fellow rogue… easiest choice).

Trainer to Sumle.


Miki - Khiona - Domitia - Marjana - Azlar Costume

No problems. This is the only place my Khiona and Domitia are worth using so it’s kinda fun.


I was going to say I don’t see many Khiona sightings on the forum. I think she’s a cool hero with a neat mechanic. Congrats on pulling her too :+1:

Reminds me of the 4* stat challenge where previously thought extinct heroes like Gadeirus, Sumitomo, Danzaburo, and Ameonna magically appeared again :laughing:

I am noticing an inadvertent S2 theme :thinking:

Congrats on the win!


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She makes a killer combo with MokArr and Wilbur but it’s a weird combo that affects survivability. I’ve had her with 19 emblems in the past and she was a total waste & deception tbh. She came with my one and only pull in her month, from an epic hero token and I wish I had that luck for ANY other hero of her batch (Onatel, Evelyn, Aegir and Zim).

Her mechanics are indeed cool and unique but she hits soft plus that ATK buff that only lasts 3 turns for nearby allies makes her a joke specially looking at Black Knight. Her healing element link is honestly the best thing about her imho.

She’s nice to have but like we commonly say some slow heroes are tournament heroes, I commonly say she’s a emblem trial only hero. Not like I’m not thankful though & I love using different heroes, atlantis 4☆s included :laughing:

All blue this time

After firing everyone, the 9 blue tiles killed them

Emblems saved, Trainer saved
2nd team

Frosty’s minions are very handy

Emblems saved, Trainer for Quintus


This was my team. Might mix it up next time to include Domitia, Marjana and/or Grimm Costume


My team this time:

  • Domitia +18
  • Marjana +7
  • Grimm +20
  • Little John +20
  • Brynhild +19

Marjana is up one talent. That’s it.

Today was “pick on Marjana day”, which was the only notable thing about the mob waves. I put Brynhild between my brittle barbarians, so Marjana and Domitia have to fend for themselves. Even dispatching the mobs with my considerable firepower as soon as possible, I still had to give Marjana some health potions before the bosses.

Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, but they obviously got the memo about “pick on Marjana day”. She fired once, and I boosted her with more health potions, but then she got killed anyway. Still, I kept Azlar from firing and whittled down the other two without further incident.

Not enough rogue emblems for that expensive eighth Marjana node. Barbarian emblems finish up Namahage, and without any better options - or really any other options at all - future ones will go to Azlar. Trainer hero to Nashgar’s costume.


No Reset Emblem today


Same team as last time used a few health pots.

Everything in storage.


Emblems in storage.


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