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Always easy. No items used


Same team as Last gave tibs a few emblems used some health to stay alive, of course lilana and chao hit my non riposte hero’s :roll_eyes: nice board going into bosses…

Ranger Athena padalin storage trainer fenir


Same team

Short work of this one

Loot all saved
2nd Team

One man down and no items used on this one :grin:

Emblems for Lianna and Richard
Trainer for Quitus


My strongest offensive heroes are Rangers and Paladins

They all hit 3 and with cRigard’s attack buff, made short work of the final bosses.

Ranger emblems to Chao and his new costume. Paladin for Clarissa. Trainer to Nordri


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time


Used some items…


Emblem Ranger for Onyx (need more maybe from POV), Paladin keep for now.
Trainer keep later for Thorne.


My team this time - went through fine no problems …


Rainbow this time…

Easy to autofarm.


My team this time:

Thorne +16
KISS Tiburtus +20
Noble Rigard +20
Buddy +19
Lianna +11

Same crew as last time. Lianna is up four talents, and I forgot to switch back to regular Tiburtus.

As usual, this was a breeze. This hit-3 crew just brings the pain. Chao went down first, thanks to a lot of purple tiles on that side. Lianna next, after a Thorne finisher, and finally Richard.

Not enough ranger emblems for Lianna to get a talent. No idea what to do with paladin emblems right now, so just saved those. Trainer hero to Krampus.


As with all Trials quest, I find it very frustrating that there is no one actually trying to set the boundaries between stages. Meaning for example what is the minimum requirement of team and items to beat the quest.

Someone kind enough recently started making Youtube videos on how to beat a rare quest with an indeed starting team (and I mean starting - not some 20 emblemed with 27-4 star troops non-S1 3* heroes). Although this info came a bit late for me, it sure would be of great help to many other new players to start assembling those 4* unfarmable mats ASAP. But it is pretty much the same with emblems - the sooner you start amassing them, the better.

Everyone posts their godly OP team which can frankly pretty much autoplay a trials quest. Ok, it’s fine but not actually helpful.

So, can someone please do an input about beating the last stage of a Trials quest and what the bare minimum is? I get it, the bosses can be carpetbombed with Axes and Bombs and Dragon attacks - they have about 4000 hp each. But what team allows to survive up to the bosses without using items or with just 1 item slot available?

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(All the 4* heroes are maxed but Buddy, who is in still in 4. 09).

Following the request of @Saros, I went with a weaker team (troops included) to test if it could be possible to reach the last stage without using objects.
(All the 4* are maxed but Buddy, who is in still in 4. 09, so he could be considered as a maxed 3* hero).

In fact, it was possible:

The round against the bosses was easier than expected. However, I have to say that the clue to not be defeated was Gunnar. His ability helped me to resist the bosses’ attacks.

I think that using all 3* could be viable for the previous rounds before the bosses’ final stage, where some objects would be required.

Trainer for Ulmer (I want to max him for the next tournament), ranger emblems for Lianna and paladin one for QoH.

Good luck and take care. :wink:

PS: @Saros hope this info could’ve helped you.


Thank you, @Silencio , you did.

I finished it an hour ago myself. Pretty much getting the hang of these last-level trials.

I did it with a team of 2xcTyrum, Cyprian (18) Chao (15) and Sonya (6).

Liked 2xcTyrum better than the 2xcBane because they were more tanky overall. Could’ve made a mistake.

Mob waves were the big issue. No healers is bad. Went in with 5 Super healing pots, 5 axes, 5 bombs and 5 dragon attacks.

Survived the mob waves with the help of Turym’s vast health and super healing potions x4 used.

Went to the bosses with a purple crystal but with a Tyrum dead. Cyprian’s riposte inflicted a lot of damage but in the end it was 2 against 3. Used the bombs and axes and a single Dragon attack and it was over.

Trainer to Nordri, paladin emblems to Sonya (kept only 40 for Cyprian just in case), ranger emblems got a node to Chao.


Same team as last time. Used all health one time stop and 2 super green pot. Cause again my non riposte hero’s get hit… Seeing a pattern here :wink:

Emblems to Athena padalin storage and trainer grimm 2 :+1:


Switched out a hero for Buddy. Managed to do quite well. Was shocked that Sonya was sniped out of existence.

New line-up:
Tiburtus (+10) / Buddy (4/57) / Sonya (+10) / Cyprian (+10) / Jack O’Hare (+10)

I guess I could do another set-up where Tiburtus is replaced with Chao. Previous line-up had Triton, who I guess I had originally placed in the team to help use less of my healing potions.

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So this trial was VERY interesting this time, I am still not sure how I feel TBH. The images below are actually my second try because I was defeated the first and didn’t want to use gems. The team that was defeated was not an intentionally weaker team. The only difference from the team below was Chao +1 was in instead of Boril. That was the first time I lost a trial in a LONG time. Even during the vanilla and 4* challenges I didn’t lose. Granted I don’t bring damage dealing items typically, but still. I am really not sure what to make of it… the board dried up bad and the next thing I knew I was dead …

Anyway, here is the team that won:

This is a trial where I still have no healers, so that matters. Buddy comes as a pseudo healer. I fire him first for A drop and minions, then Athena so her D drop can override Buddy’s. Athena’s hit hurts more as Buddy dropped their D too initially. Justice’s blind is also great with no healer as shots that miss don’t hurt.

I have Cyprian but opted for c-Boril for full team coverage. That coverage and a better board made all the difference I think. No one else on the bench would have helped more IMO:

Chao +1
Richard +19
Tibs +18

I am usually a strong advocate of riposters for difficult PvE and quests, but went away from my own advice I guess. Chao’s mana drop just isn’t enough by itself. I will refrain from another rant on vanilla mana controllers for now …

I JUST finished Glenda so trainer stored until I determine my next project. HA pops something out in 14 hours so we’ll see then. Not enough emblems for Richard to +20 (still deciding if that is worth it TBH, not a lot of other choices aside from Justice) and not enough for Athena either.

Good luck out there!



Does Triton’s special enhance how much a mana pot heals too!?! That would be a nice perk I never knew. I don’t have him, sonI can’t try myself.


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C.Domitia +17 - Telluria +20 - Cyprian +3 - Buddy +19 - Tiburtus +c.bonus+20

Same as last time, except for Domitia who’s up 7 nodes. Easy, fast, relaxing trial.
Paladin emblems to Sonya, ranger stored for now because of no heroes to emblem.
Trainer went to Miki#2

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Always very easy.

cRigard, Tiburtus, Evelyn, lianna and telluria

No items used


I would imagine heroes who increase mana gain would affect mana pots:

  • Bauchan
  • Ariel
  • Any HotM with a slight increase in mana gain through element link

Now that you mention it too, I’m curious if mana troops affect mana pots as well. Probably not. As for heroes like Triton, he only affect healing received. Will amplify that only buffs for mana gain might affect mana pots. If the hero regenerates mana, mana pots will only function as they already do.

Yes, any mana regeneration boost from heroes or from stage/map effects increases mana from mana potions.
For example, it takes 4 minor mana potions at 25% each to usually fill a hero’s mana. But at the upper levels of the Ninja Tower, if you take the mana regeneration boosts, you can charge with only 3 potions

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I cleared the final level with, in order:

  1. Lianna at 3/70 (still waiting on JUST ONE MORE tonic to ascend her);
  2. Zulag at 3/70 (fresh out of trap tools; not sure she’s first in line for them anyway);
  3. Cyprian maxed at 4/70 with +20 emblems;
  4. Tiburtus at 3/60 (again, I need TRAP TOOLS!!);
  5. Chao maxed at 4/70, no emblems

The items I took in: time stops, minor mana potions, healing potions, and minor healing potions.

As @Dudeious.Maximus mentioned to me in another thread recently, Zulag is underrated! She regenerates HP for nearby heroes, increases defense for them in general and against special skills, and summons dark minions for dark allies. She was able to keep Lianna and Cyprian (and herself) in the game due to the regeneration. Also, Tiburtus, although outside of the reach of the regeneration power, benefitted from the minion protection. Chao was the odd man out, but I used some healing potions to keep him around.

I used 2 time stops and Chao to control the bosses’ mana. Used the healing potions along the way as needed, and one (maybe two?) mana potions. Took out Lianna and then Chao. Richard pretty much blew himself up because of Cyprian’s riposte. Only lost one hero - Lianna. It was actually the boss Lianna that took out my Lianna. I figured Tibs would be the first to go, but hey, what do you know?

Very happy to have completed the trial. It was my first time getting all the way through.