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My team this time:

  • Queen Sabina +20
  • Rhys +18
  • Joon +19
  • Mist 4^72+18
  • Hansel +18

Swapped out Leonidas +c20 for Mist, since she’s newly maxed and LB. Figured the added def down against specials could help this one go quicker.

Mobs weren’t really a problem. Went into the boss fight hugely overhealed and with all specials charged. Mist’s ailment didn’t help as much as I expected, but the fight wasn’t interminable, either. In fact, I think I got Tuck before he fired once, which is about the best you can ask for. (Working from memory, since I was out of town when I did this.)

Monk emblems to Shrubbear. No specific target for cleric emblems right now. Trainer hero to Mist.

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My team of clerics, especially for you @Dudeious.Maximus :wink:
I found them strong enough not to use 5* heroes (only one change from the previous team - Brienne in, Wilbur out).

Even though they have few stars, they make a really deadly mix of special skills.


I had over 1000 spare sorcerer emblems so recently maxed Sabina (with costume) to +20 talent node.
I decided to use her today:

Mother North / cSabina / Louhi / Wilbur / Zenobia

I never use Sabina or her costume, so didn’t realise her immunity on the enemy also means that Wilbur can’t cast his shared damage to them, as well as she dispels Wlburs shared damage, so they are not a great combination. BUT using cSabina was nice against Boril so I didn’t need to worry about his stupid riposte, which was very nice.

No deaths, no battle items were used.
I needed 2 monk emblems to get my second Shrubbear to +20, so this was good timing (the trial).


Went all monk

Emblems in storage trainer ?


Done on my 30 lvl alt with 3* :crazy_face:
(With some cheap items)

There are mighty heroes, some of them even not maxed

Let’s go for a walk.

Boss wave

The worst has gone

The second worst has gone

Piece of cake


Made a change, so I’ll post. My team this time:

  • Queen Sabina +20
  • Rhys +18
  • Yang Mai +19
  • Mist 4^75+18
  • Hansel +18

Since being disappointed early with Yang Mai, I’m warming up to her a bit again. The multiple hits triggers more often than you would think, and in longer PvE content, it’s pretty easy to get her attack stack maxed before the boss wave. Swapped her in for Joon +19, thinking Mist’s ailment would boost those multiple hits and make them more valuable than Joon’s one hit. Speaking of Mist, I finished her LB levels vs. last time.

Unfortunately, something came up IRL, and I had to hurry through the last part of the battle. I know I got Yang Mai’s stack to max, and the bosses were not frustratingly hard to take out. I did notice that I kept overlapping Mist and Sabina’s ailments. Maybe I should swap Sabina out and let Rhys handle the healing.

Monk emblems take Ptolemy up a node. Cleric emblems saved for Faiez, who is almost maxed. Trainer hero to Bogart.

My Clerics team

couldn’t make it, so I had to buff them with

a monk

and try again

WuKong wasn’t happy with how the fight went, but this malcontent is hard to make happy, so I can forgive him :wink:


I did different than usual, today I went with

Grimble / Rigard / Louhi / White Rabbit / Joon

Was quite slow, I won’t do that again lol


Same team no items … Bit busy today … To try anything new…

Emblems in storage trainer sif

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I tried the latest 3* team with no items, but they are still too weak (even with LB2 Faiez)

So I tried pure cleric team. Had to repeat, because mobs in first wave slashed Gafar (who is 3/60 and only damage dealer)

Buff block and 100% reduced healing is like silence :slight_smile:

Friar Tuck committed suicide so fast, that I didn’t catch animation.

Done with no items.
No animals and Wu Kongs were harmed.