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Easy peasy.
Mother North / Ratatoskr / Louhi / Wilbur / Zenobia

No deaths. No items were used.
Kind of slow at the end, and Joon kept targeting Zenobia which was annoying, it made the bosses die slower because she missed a lot. But other than that very easy


My team this time:

  • Queen Sabina +20
  • Wilbur +20
  • Elkanen +18
  • Raffale +18
  • Hansel +18

Same team as last time. Raff is up 3 talents.

No, not next time either. But it would have been bad advice anyway, since my folks took more damage this time, and having Raff on board was a good thing.

Mobs are never an issue, other than taking some time. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and the board lined up pretty well under Boril, so I went after him, but man he still takes a ton of damage to dispatch. In the meantime, Joon developed a vendetta against Wilbur, and thanks to two consecutive blasts, I lost a hero on this trial for the first time. Losing my def down made the mobs take even longer, and that made me glad I had two healers on board. Finally slugged through the thing, but this is my least favorite trial, and it isn’t close.

Saving monk emblems to get Leo to +20 for superior talents. Cleric emblems saved for Rhys. Trainer hero to Griffin.

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how many of these did i miss? lol

i think i was in a hurry and used the same team as last time, so i’ll spare you the details:

Boril died to a Joon-blast, which also killed him too. :sweat_smile: otherwise everything went pretty smoothly, less resistance to Hansel and Tettukh this time. Clerics to Alexandrine or Ana-Belle, Monks saved.