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My team - love counter attack when being a tad underpowered :smile:



Joon out bang mai in … No items …

Cleric snow white … Monk trainer storage


Malicna out. Mist in. No items used.

It took me ages to complete the final stage. I think I’ll swap out Mist and Bertulf next time.

Emblems and trainer saved for now.


My team this time:

  • Queen Sabina +20
  • Wilbur +20
  • Leonidas 4^85+c18
  • Raffale +5
  • Hansel +18

Raff is up three talents from last time.

This trial still takes too long with so little firepower, but it didn’t seem as onerous this time. In particular, I noticed Tuck’s heal wasn’t as bothersome as usual. I just kinda found myself letting it go off and dealing with it instead of actively trying to prevent it. Joon went down first, and he’s the only real damage threat anyway. Tuck next; then Boril.

Cleric emblems still being stored, but I’m starting to level Elkanen basically just because I should be able to take him straight to +20 when I finish him. He should help on this trial by giving me a decent damage dealer. Monk emblems take Raff up a node. Trainer hero to LB Onatel.


Forgot my updated team for this trial. Changed my team completely, as previous one was too passive. Back then I only had Wu as my titan buffer, but finally I got some better ones now - Bertulf, C Wilbur and also Franz, so why not use C Wilbur in this trial? It was a lot faster and easier done now.