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I changed Seshat for c. Kelile to test the custome and it was a bad idea, as I forgot that Seshat is the only one who dispells, so I had to be careful with the attack buff of Brienne. I lost Kelile int the way and I had to use some objects.

The trainer is for Mother North and the emblems will be saved.

Good luck. :wink:


cRigs+19 | Tibs+18 | Onyx+9 | Lianna+19 | Lepus+19

You shoulda seen the carnage, between cRigs’ buff and Tibs’ debuff, Onyx on 300% charge + Lepus left Chao and Horghall with 50% HP and Brienne with about 30%. Once Lianna fired she was hanging on for dear life and was easily tiled out. Chao then died to a nice purple cascade which loaded up all the purple heroes again, and so Horghall fell shortly after.


Since you asked about completing the last level of a Trial without an OP team, here’s the setup of my alt account

3 4* (Chao was at 3-55) and 2 3*. Highly emblemed though so around 3500 TP

The lineup is highly dependent on the classes available of course, but you’ll need a healer and some hit 3s. High hp and durability if you’re using 3* heroes

Buffs or def down like Tiburtus’s is useful but not really necessary if you plan to Nuke the bosses.
In this trial, Kvasir’s minions are really helpful against the mobs.
Ended up using only some of the battle items

Edit : Probably could have saved more items if I had used Belith + CB for the dispel instead of Isshtak. Horghall’s AOE really hurts with Brienne’s buff


Here was the team:

Truthfully I never look back, so maybe this was the same team? I doubt it though because c-Chao is new.

Athena as a great D dropper makes the off color worth it.

Guillinbursti over heal

Lianna to … just kill stuff?

Buddy drop A and provide meat shield

c-Chao as I enjoy tinkering with him and never really had mana control for this prior.

All went relatively fine. I enjoy c-Chao a lot! Each boss managed to fire 1 time at some point, but nothing was ever in jeopardy. Horghall died first, Brienne next, Chao last (along with his human escort @JonahTheBard :laughing:)

I realized when Brienne fired I forgot to bring a dispeller :man_facepalming:. Horghall was already dead so I ghosted tiles to his side to avoid boosting the bosses too much.

Normal win for me. I must do something wrong though. So many people say bosses died in 2-3 turns and some didn’t even slash attack. That just doesn’t happen for me on any of them :man_shrugging:



Thanks. looks solid. Sadly I lack Kvasir, and it seems he was crucial to beat the monster waves. Anyway I decided to wait a bit and expand my bench a bit. Also, I don’t yet have a forge of level 16. But that example was great, thanks.

Same team

Emblems saved trainer saved.
Working on the golden pig for this one
2nd team

Couple of axes and boom

Emblems for kadilen and Lianna, trainer for Elena


For me Nature is one of the easiest trials.

cRigard / Evelyn / Gullinbursti / Lianna / cTiburtus

I did struggle for tiles half way through the end bosses but otherwise it was easy. Like with anything, no tiles = extremely difficult. No items used though

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I changed the snipers for weaker heroes and a dispeller and it was a bit harder but funnier.

Horghall fired three times but the minions protected me pretty well. Brienne was useless withy Caedmon and Chao wasn’t so irritating.

Trainer for Buddy and emblems will be saved.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


It was all pretty straightforward with this team, the bosses didn’t really stand a chance :grinning:


Same team as last time. Used 2 small green and time stop for pov.

Ranger Athena, druid storage trainer zocc


Gullinbursti - Vela +10 - Buddy +19 - Triton +19 - Gullinbursti +19

Last time i think i went with C.Domitia and Tiburtus instead of the blues, today i was too lazy to switch from costumes to normal or viceversa, so i went with Vela and Triton. Despite the weak color setup, double Gullinbursti is too much of a cheat code, paired with Triton moreover is really no game. The more Horghall hit me, the more the boars hit them back. It was so funny to fire Gullis and then trigger the big old tree.

Druid emblems brought one Gullinbursti to +20, at last. Next project has to be Melendor, he’s been waiting for more emblems since forever.
Since i’m lacking rangers to emblem (only viable option is Buddy#2, but he’s still to be leveled), i “wasted” them all on Sudri, who got a place in my tournament defense and too many times destroyed me completely. He had none, he’s at +20 now. I think i’m gonna replay some Wonderland stages today :see_no_evil:
Trainer… i forgot. Miki#2 maybe?


A horde of angry pigs then provoking Groot into attacking you is surprisingly valid strategy. Who thought that from battle boar vs. tree the boar emerges victorious?

Emblems will go to one of boars. Or Nier Caedmon. Not sure yet. And Seshat. Trainer stored for later.


Team Last Time

Team This Time

Swap Melendor with Tibs for more power.


Decent start on boss wave.

Smooth without using items.


Ranger for Onyx, Druid for Gullin.
Trainer goes to 2nd Buddy.

@Nightmare2048 interesting setup with 3x Gullinbusrti, are those emblemed?


Two of them are +20 and +18 respectively.

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I cleared the Trials of Nature with the following team:

Caedmon (max lvl); Melendor (max lvl); Gullinbursti (max + 20); Lianna (3/70 (need one more tonic!); Chao (max lvl)

I took in the following items: minor mana pots; time stop; axes; bombs.

My team was about 450-500 team power (TP) short of the recommended 4000 TP. I asked Melendor if we should should skip trying to clear the last level for fear of wasting 20 world energy flags that could be put to better use, but he just kept yelling “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” so I tried it. (he also told me to call him the “White Wizard” for some reason).

It really wasn’t that difficult. Gullinbursti is THE MAN (well, THE PIG). His over-heal ability is just game changing. I used a couple of minor mana potions on levels before the boss to juice him up because of bad board tiles, but that’s really all I needed to do. Got everyone juiced up going into the boss fight. I used Chao to control mana and used one time stop (I only brought in a time stop because the daily Path of Valor challenge is to use a timestop; otherwise, I would have used something else, I think). I think I also used one bomb and two axes, but pretty much only because I am impatient at times and just wanted it to be over.


I think this is my first time clearing Trials of Nature, mainly thanks to a recently maxed and emblemed out Chao and cRigard. My team that cleared the last level:

Still needed several axes, bombs, and small and regular mana potions. Rigard’s attack boost was key, as was Mel dispelling Brienne’s fury before anyone fired their special.

Trainer to Bertila, Kadilen will get the Druids whenever i finally get around to maxing her, Rangers to be saved for Tiburtus most likely.


I found 5 infinity stone :rofl:


Team underpowered as usual:

cChao - Melendor - cBane x 2 - Melia.

I have no one else from the 4* whom I can use since I cannot ascend the two costumed cKelile because no hidden blades. I guess with their help it would be much easier since two bosses are green.

Survived the monster waves with relative ease. cBane blinds for 40% which results in tons of misses.

Naturally on the bosses had to use all sorts of bombs, but managed to save 4 out of 5 dragon attacks.

Emblems saved - druidic for cCaedmon when I have the time to level up the original, and ranger for cTiburtus. Trainer went to cLittle John.

Edit: costumed heroes, even 3*, are very versatile and very useful since they can complement any one or two-man 4* I can assemble with my severely limited options on the various trials. Costumes for the win!


My team this time:

  • Noble Rigard +20
  • Tiburtus +c20
  • Vela +18
  • Lianna +16
  • Buddy +19

Lianna is up four talents compared to last time; otherwise, it is the same crew as last time. By next time, I will have a couple of nice, new options in Khagan and Gullinbursti. Khagan will almost certainly come in for Vela, as I’d be switching a color disadvantage for a color advantage, and Khagan’s hit-3 damage probably amounts to more than Vela’s hit all + DoT for this trial.

This time around, the mobs were a speed bump, as usual. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and worked on taking out Horghall. He fired, but Rigard reversed him, and he fell soon after. One somewhat dicey moment when Brienne fired, then she and Chao both targeted Rigard, but he narrowly survived, and the team finished off Chao soon after, so still no items used. Brienne always goes down pretty meekly.

Not enough ranger emblems for Lianna’s next node. Druid emblems definitely saved for Gullinbursti. (After wishing for him last time, I got him on my first pull in Valhalla last month.) Trainer hero to Heimdall. (Last month was a good month on Valhalla pulls!)