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FIRST TIME 0 items used, awsum:)


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +18
  • Onatel +7
  • Kiril +c20
  • Sartana +17
  • Proteus +18

Took my own advice from last time and swapped in Sartana for Wizard Melendor +20 to get a little more oomph in my lineup. I think it worked out well this time.

Mob waves were mostly unremarkable, but I did have to use a couple of health potions late when I just couldn’t get Kiril charged in time. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, a yellow diamond on the board, and several yellow tiles ready to obliterate Oberon. Didn’t manage to kill him with that, but I got close. Proteus had everyone on lockdown for most of the fight; I usually don’t get enough purple tiles for that, but I fired him three times and held Onatel for the very end when the purples finally went dry. By that time Oberon was down, and both Balthazar and Ulmer were hanging on by a thread. Ultimately, no boss fired, and I’m obviously happy with that result.

Wizard emblems from a previous stage took Sartana to +17 and fighter emblems from a previous stage took Elena to +5. Trainer hero to Oberon’s costume.


switched in Merlin +20 and opted out C.Caedmon. Didn’t turn out too much well. Annoying trial, even more since this will be my team for a very looong time it seems. I’m really struggling to get new heroes (on the other hand, i could easily try an only BT team one day…)
Emblems stored cause i have noone urgent to emblem, only dupes. Trainer to Rigard#2


I beat it with this team:

In reviewing people’s teams this is a trial where most posters use a lot of non-vanilla heroes. Unfortunately that is not an option for me :laughing:. Thanks goodness for costumes! :+1: Here is the 4* and 5* bench for this trial:

Overall the team I ended up using went alright. The color stacks worked out. Green for Ulmer even if weak in mobs. Blue for strong on mobs and neutral on bosses. Hu Tao for color benefit on bosses and mobs and blind to save some hits. I recall slash attacks being brutal on this level for some reason. Had 3 different ways to boost D, a cleanser, and an A boost. It did the trick. Caedmon bit it by having Ulmer drop his D followed by Balthazar and Oberon slash attacks all on the same turn … can’t really do much about that :no_mouth:. I brought antidotes too though so it was okay although Magni was then the only one doing real damage with a special.

It maybe my new least favorite trial. It used to be the monk/cleric trial, but I went on a glut of pulling monks and clerics last year and have some variety. My team options for stage 3 on this aren’t particularly fun or anything. Perhaps when I get another scope and can ascend Glenda it’ll help? Fura and Glenda played on stages 1 and 2, but pulled them for final.

Trainer to Ranvir. Not enough emblems for Magni. I have no wizard options aside from base Kashhrek. I know the mindset of stored emblems are wasted, but I do not use base Kashhrek for anything currently so they’re wasted either way. Maybe one day I will get his costume :crossed_fingers:

Good luck out there!





I love the combo of JF and Killhare. Any chance I get to use Alfrike and Panther is a plus. This one was fun, if not especially difficult. All emblems saved, trainer hero to Bera (2/44).


This will be my favourite trial I think

Well rounded team for the final bosses. If Proteus doesn’t get enough tiles, there’s riposte and healing. cCaedmon cleanses and I was tempted to let Ulmer fire so that Bertila can throw that def down back :joy:

Fighter emblems to Bertila, Wizard stored. Trainer to Gormek who is being quick leveled for today’s Event


Thought I’d give it go without my Proteus’s

And . . . Just made it :rofl::rofl:

Might save emblems for Magni, wizard for C Satarna, trainer for Grimble
2nd team

Revive and an axe got me through

Wizard for Satarna, no fighter yet
Trainer for Elena


I never give the Proteus I don’t have a go, so this is literally an every day occurrence for me :laughing: :+1:

It can be done though! Nice work!



Same team as last time… Didn’t go aswell as last time… Used a Few mana and a time stop.

Fighter poseidon wizard JF trainer, hotm chick. :+1:


Mana control overkill?

Did it with that team, like always


I decided to go 3-1-1 today.
3x Green, 1x Purple, 1x red

Kingston / cMelendor / Boldtusk / Proteus / cCaedmon

On the final stage my caedmon got slash attacked just once or twice and died… I wondered how but then I checked his max stats and saw I used a version that was about 3/50 lol
Other than my own stupidity, i used no items and won easily.



I went without Proteus to make the trial a bit harder. However, it wasn’t so complicated.

Poor Grevle. The game wanted to kill him yes or yes. :sweat_smile::rofl:

The trainer will go to Oberon, the wizard emblems for Lord Loki and the fighter ones will be saved.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


Tried a new team today, since last time didn’t go very well.
C.Melendor +7ish - Colen +20 - C.Joon +10 - C.Boldtusk +19 - C.Caedmon +3

I tried the costume challenge it seems :rofl: Out Merlin and Sumitomo, Caedmon is back and so is Joon. Nasty and annoying trial, lost Caedmon to a strike from Balthazar and had to use a health potion for Colen. I’m too spoiled by Miki, Wu+Wilbur, heavy defense down teams: when the time comes for trials where i have a severe lack of power, i really suffer.

Wizard emblems stored for now, since maybe i’ll ascend Sartana in the near future.
Fighter emblems have been collecting dust for so long that i decided to bring Rudolph from no emblems to +20 in one go. If Magni gets the scopes soonish, Rudolph will be brutally downgraded.
Trainer to Sartana, even though she’s not my current/next project.


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +18
  • Onatel +7
  • Kiril +c20
  • Wizard Melendor +20
  • C. Justice 4^80

Just playing around a little today. As Proteus and Onatel can feel redundant, I swapped out Proteus for Costume Justice to get some extra yellow against two purple bosses (and because I just maxed her and don’t know what to do with her yet). Also swapped in Melendor for Sartana in case the board turned catastrophically non-yellow.

Mobs were no problem. Entered the bosses with all specials charged. It was a mixed bag. The yellow tiles did indeed hit pretty hard, but the finishing blow on all three bosses was always just a beat late. Each of them fired once. None of them were that much of a problem, but it was just frustrating to see the strategy get :pinching_hand: this close to working, yet not really work. Probably won’t run this lineup again, but it was a good experiment.

Fighter emblems from a previous stage take Elena to +7. Wizard emblems saved for Onatel’s 10th node. Trainer hero to Fura.


Team Last Time

Team This Time

No change…, except 2nd yellow troop is higher level then before.


Decent start on boss wave.

Smooth double proteus, all boss never cast any skill, without items.


Wizard maybe for Onatel if maxed, I plan to ascend her over Mica and Sir Roostley.
Fighter still need more emblems for Killhare last node.
Trainer goes to Mirewave.


This team is now all leveled up with a few emblems on each and made the last board a snap:

just a couple minor mana potions for Proteus, and an axe for attack debuff, because they almost killed Boldtusk a few moves into making it to the last round by all three hitting him at once with slash attacks, but there were red tiles on the board and just needed him to make it a couple more moves before he’d be charged up again.

Purple trainer to cTiburtus, who’s getting close to being done finally. Wizard emblems will go to Proteus or Kashrek (only use him in costume form, though), Fighter emblems to Tyr, although i have Misandra and Bertila on their way up, so maybe I’ll hold on to them. Lots of fighters in my roster.


Maxing Fura, I decided to use her in place of Grevle.

(all with +10 embs)
Fura / Hu Tao / Boldtusk / Kiril / Proteus

It was fun. Though, I now think she could use a slight buff down the line. Will still regularly use her because her skill’s fun (and being the only 4* to reduce max HP).

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Agreed. I know a lot of people say buff/nerf, etc but I rarely get involved in that. She does need something though.

I had mine at +20 and she was still marginal beyond tile damage. Even embleming if you want HP/D she still wasn’t survivable, so you need to accentuate her strength and go A path IMO.

Her special is cool and unique. It was like a good idea that needed just a touch more to it or a slight tweak to be “spot on”. I am just bitter because for a while she was the only non 3* Valhalla I had :laughing:. Anyways …


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+Almur. Thought he would do more of it on this week’s tournament but it hasn’t had too much of an impact.

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It was fun, made sure Freakshow was fully charged going into the boss round, got some double cMarj action going to dish out some initial damage, then unleashed the soul dark cubes when they were about to fire for some massive chaos. Funnily enough Joon was more of a “support” hero in this team for his blind in case the cubes missed one boss. Did end up using one antidote since Oberon still hit 3 heroes, but it really wasn’t necessary as he was pretty much just delaying the inevitable.

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