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those blessings of the previous two towers completely trivialises the towers. I always mess around with carol and Franz in magic and ninja because the blessing made them really easy to use and plow through. But Styx whooped my ■■■ using them. Because of this I think more quality blessings would be needed, their effect is too little

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I found C.Viv and D’Andre make a nice pair. C.Viv drops enemy defense. They reflect. D’Andre turns that into a defense buff.


This is rubbish, yet another event made only for the big spenders. They should be honest and inform small spenders, leave the game as SG has no interest in us. Where ever seen, a boss special taking 3,313 from a 5* emblemed hero, that’s ridiculous.

if you have a weak roster… or are ftp… I think if you can finish the first 25 levels… that’s more than fair. I don’t see why you think the game should accommodate the lowest common denominator.


Got through normal difficulty today, everything was fine until I hit level 21. That’s where my main healer (Delilah) & my only overhealer of real note (Baldur) became unavailable. I do have 3* overhealers, but they seemd like a bad idea to even try. My roster is generally decent for the tiny amount of money I’ve spent, as I’ve been playing a long time, but overhealers are a new thing, and I lack them.

I note that Impossible is going to make things even worse for me int he first 5 levels, I don’t know how far I can go.

I guess that now having 1000 health on 5 star limit broken heros means they are near death. Level 6 difficult, both ariel and morel are over 1k and at the same time hit by slash attacks that blasted them off! Dont even know if I play this slig. Give me the towes not the hole!

I got this girl. She was one of the 5☆ i want the most although i wasnt chasing her just pulled focused on the epics of the event which i couldnt get.


I am not competing in events so I try not to use items. But I just spent more than 10 minutes to finish Impossible level 8, with C Krampus - Pengi - Ludwig - Heimdall - Cobalt. I love the music and I like not having my heroes cursed, but it has become so tedious.


the class restrictions can get tricky at times. I’m in the Impossible block where Sorcerer, Rogue, Monk and Cleric are not allowed – my only healers are C-Rigard (not ideal), Kiril, Aegir, Boltdusk, Mel and C-Mel. enough, but there are times I want to stack Yellow and Purple and it is far from ideal…

… definitely enjoying the music though!! turned my sound on just to listen to it for one floor


I just finished floor 20 on impossible and I am really finding this difficult,. I must admit. Not a bad thing, but it is frustrating.
What I am finding is, no matter what combinations I use, in the first wave or 2, it gives me a lot of the tiles I need (colour wise), then as soon as I am fighting the boss (even if I enter the boss with a board full of tiles I need), it stops giving me them, for basically the whole duration.

Is anyone else experiencing this or have you noticed it?
I am at 90 coins, I think if i can just do 4 more floors i can get a pull - each floor has been giving me 3 coins. Do you get more per floor in Floors 21-25, does anyone know?

Obviously if I get to floor 24 finished, then i will want to do 25 too.

Oh great, I did floor 21 (took 10 minutes haha) but it gave me 5 coins. I hope all floors now give 5, so I only need to do 1 more then I am good - and will be happy for my Dawa


Impossible Floor 18 now, I’ve failed it twice already.

I already got 2 Tower Energy flasks - mainly because this is the first time, so I want to see if I can finish Impossible. (considering how difficult and time-consuming it has been, I will probably just go as far as I can with the free energy next time!)

I’ve been doing 2 healers per floor, I think I will try 3 healers next. Riposte helps, but over-heal is IMO still needed (else the heroes with riposte will die anyway).

I find that as soon as I am left with only 1 healer, a loss is inevitable too…


I have failed floor 22 a total of 5 times ina row now. No matter what combination I use it just fails. I keep getting close, just now I ALMOST won with a 2-2-1 team, but the purple boss was on 2x charge. No matter what move I made it would hit her and she would use her special regardless…

She wiped out my entire team with about 2500 damage PER hero. I have no overhealer except Gullinbursti which can not be used. My minion makers are green heroes (Mother North, lotL, Telluria - which I don’t want to use because this floor has 2x red boss)

I just need to get lucky with tiles, and it isn’t being nice to me with them at all, it’s extremely annoying. I only need to do this floor so I can get a free pull


I feel you, I’ve failed floor 18 3x now. Sometimes it just seems like luck, like when (one of) my healers gets hit by a Soul Grasp and a couple of slash attacks right after… there is very little room for error!


I made it thru impossible 15 but, 16 is a no after 3 or 4, lost count, don’t care, attempts .

The punishment of using 2 or more heroes of same element, added to the long laundry list of ailments, buffs, and whatever else, in the upper left corner, was simply too much .

Even the soul grasp consistently went for the edges of the board that 3 to 4 of my heros were targeted at a time. Still I hung on for over 12 mins before the remaining Nemesis finally took me out .

Uncertain if I will make another attempt to be trampled by monsters far out of my league just to get the usual SI 3* s . :woman_shrugging:


Took me three attempts at Floor 22. Erebus is just so damned tough. Focused on killing her first after stalling her attack or blinding her. Just a beast. She’s on the final floor as well but I managed that one on my first attempt. Good luck!


hundreds of shots and the results are terrible. stop making people feel stupid anymore, zynga.

The normal levels were funny, way funnier than any of the other cr*ppy towers. The first five-to-ten of impossible levels were challenging, very challenging. Passing that point it’s directly frustrating. Do you complain about the difficult levels of the costume event? They were just three or four and you can use normal energy to retry them. Here are at least 15 and in order to finish them you’ll have to use flasks with just one defeat -and you will get it, I can guarantee that.

Good idea, poor execution. At the end it’s the same that happened with the other towers: if you are not a whale and you are unable of lining the best recent heroes, you have 0 chances. 1000 damage with just a normal hit? C’mon dude…


Can you remember what team/heroes you used on Floor 22?
My most successful so far was:

Vivica / White Rabbit / cKiril / Elena / Zenobia

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Completed stage 22 with this team


I only have Viv, and no costume for her and she is only +3 or +4 for emblems, unfortunately.
I will get 10 more flags tomorrow so I will keep trying, I will use all 10 if I must. I just 1 this 1 floor.

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