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Failed to complete the tower because I forgot to use 6 of my flags. In the impossible difficulty, I spent 8/10 minutes per stage without items. Honestly, it is just too long and quite boring for me. :sweat_smile:

Top 25k : 30 coins + 250 emblems. No 4*AM in the last tower chest.

3 summons : Wu Kong, Azar, Scarlett :slightly_frowning_face:


Floor 25 for me. I am run out if time to play the last stage. It take so long time which is longer than I expect. I found that bless that give +25% heal is very useful. I have +50% heal in total and my C Ariel boost hp about 950 :smiley:. I can easily survive those soul grip. Moreover, it also increase overheal from the soul grip as well.

Since I can’t use C Ariel in last 5 stages, I have to use Faiez :joy:. He is fragile but his overheal is very powerful. He overheal about 830 when his passive active. Wiith -39% atk down from my C Skittleskull, he did survive Nemesis with double hp and minion but he die once Erebus fire at him. I forget to put mana pot and fire my Kara when I intentionally trigger Erebus :sweat_smile:.


No i made it up but it’s kinda adding to the challenge i doubt they will add it only secretly hope :slight_smile:

I know it’s bad for community hehe

Also i didn’t know there is time limit per stage what is it 20 minutes?

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Congrats on your placement, Liam. That’s a lot of good materials you used. I stopped earlier because it was taking up too much time. I decided that I rather get a sense of accomplishment taking care of stuff around my home rather than from completing this really time-consuming and difficult event. It was such a time sink that I wasn’t paying attention to Path of Valor ending and forgot to buy it. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, though…

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Almost forgot to post this. I know I can get top 100 next time. I just tile matched the first 25 floors and didn’t really use battle items. Mostly med/small mana pots. Then a few tornados the last couple stages.


Congratulations to those who finished!

I myself ran out of steam towards the end levels

See you at the next challenge :wink:


The amount of HP recovered and longevity attained in this set-up is mental. Arco laughs at the 1860+ damage from Erebus.

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I like that the Normal stages are more approachable than those of Ninja or Magic Tower.

I don’t find the 15-20+ minute stages of Impossible exhilarating or worthwhile, and I find the trend of

”let’s have increased difficulty for little or no increased reward, because players will just do it ‘for the challenge’ anyway, why add any incentive?”

troubling. —And I’m not sure that the combination of “let’s make the bosses’ numbers really big” plus “let’s make them lolimmune to DD/EDD (but not Franz/Motega/etc)” plus “let’s decrease all the durations of everything you do” to be so much interesting as just careful slow wearying grind.

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Completed but all the tower events are terribly boring and the rewards are desperate.
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Congrats for completing… not easy to do. And yes indeed it was difficult and the rewards were meh for the difficulty

floor 21,probably i΄d have gone higher,but it just got too tedious and time consuming!Rewards like in most of the events are totally underwhelming.

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IDK about rewards being bad… single levels were getting up to 20 emblems later in impossible, that is pretty good. It could use more coins for summons, that is a bit poor.

Got some 160 tower coins and nearly 400 emblems, but used expensive items too:
10 miracle scrolls
15 bomb attack
14 Dragon attack
20 tornados
14 hurricanes

But i can forge the items in 2 weeks time.
Producing so many emblems from Alkadhards in AL needs more than a quarter.
Happy gaming


Yeah I think it is better output than alchemy lab… I got 300 emblems just from ranking top 10K, so it is a good emblem source. Yes I uses from battle items, but I got something for it.

Coins, 160 coins is light. I did get 201 after counting ranking rewards, not horrible but you have to rank high just to get to two summons.

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Forgot the 30 coins for the top25k loot tier, so its 190 coins.

Still not even two summons, that should be better. Its more effort than the covenant quest, where you get coins for three pulls.

Happy gaming


Not completed (got to lvl 20 on hard) and happy about it

I was spending 12-17 minutes per last levels
Such a waste of time… Good thing to do on the bowl (that’s exactly where this tower belongs)
And at the end you don’t get enough coins to do 2 summons :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’m little late, but I got very lucky to pull my 1st tower event 5*. And I think it’s my 1st non-s1 red after like 3 years or something, my last one was Queen of hearts like back in summer of 2019, I think (not counting costumes). And I have 54 rings right now LOL.
I bought just 1 300 coin offer and pulled him and both 3* in a row from the event, though I already had 1 Dante.
Can’t believe I got 1st tower event 5* before 1st tower event 4* lol.
I think he’ll be a great sniper combined with C Marj.
I see he is not that praised in the forum thread about him, but I don’t think he is gonna be that bad. But I’ve heard there are some issues of his SS not working correctly? Hmmm… now Idk.


He’s not as bad as some would say…hits hard …I use mine with sun Shangxiang on titans…


Congrats on your Erebus @Roland56! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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Well he’ll definitely replace GM’s spot on green titan I think.
And he’ll be greatly paired with C Marj too, he’ll be useful for sure. Also my first 5* red sniper, not counting regular Marj.
3rd charge seems overkill and not very useful, it would have been nicer if 3rd charge dealt some damage to nearby enemies rather than increased already quite deadly snipe damage from 2nd charge.

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