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Triedy luck, bought what was needed. F^<ked over as usual.

This is why im c2p. You need boat loads of cash to stay relevant, to hang with them whales🤯


This month wasn’t good for me (Grace x3 as only 5*) and then:

Just ONE pull. Towers are kind to me lately.


Im saving my pulls for the next Styx. Charon is a must have.
About the tower itself though, there are no curses Besides the “class restriction”?
We can start with 5* without being scared of losin a hero right?

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No curses to kill heroes, but they they damage your heroes a lot so make sure to have healers/over-healers if you can. Minions too, but otherwise I like it like this, much better.
I did the first 10 floors easily. Mono green 5* team for the last 5
(Ratatoskr / Evelyn / Telluria / Lianna / Kingston)

I made the same mistake I always do on the first few floors and went with “weak teams”, I always think it’s like Tavern etc where you can only use them once, even though I know I can… so I try start with 3* and 4* with no emblems haha… I didn’t take a healer on a few and almost died so, lesson learned


They left out the most interesting new Styx heroes…
Will wait on summons (or maybe a couple for the 3* + 4*)

Love how they announce Styx tower and mention the not included heroes. cough fake advertisements cough

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EDIT: They fixed it


Yes, it is bit misleading.
Earlier in Gargoyles event / Costume Chamber (Secondary Costumes) they just announced the released ones. I do not know why they can not do it here.

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Maybe we need to ask @Petri or somebody from the staff about it? To be honest I didn’t notice it before I made the pull. I’ve got 5* so definitely I’m not complaining, but somebody can put the complaint to CS for that.

10 pulls


I just realized I’m so used to Towers mechanics that I started lower levels with 3 and 4* to avoid curses… Silly me :slight_smile: I switched to 5* from level 7 on main and level 2 on Alt.


They just amended the announcement to make it clear three of them are coming later. :+1:


I used 2 flasks to get coins for a free pull. I managed to get Brontes. He seems ok right?
Not terrible at least.

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re the gameplay, I am really enjoying the lack of curses -

  1. I no longer worry about losing my best heroes early
  2. matching the Soul Grasps in time gives the player a benefit - instead of the curses which had no benefit at all

so on the whole I am already enjoying this much more than the other Towers!


Got all the 3s and 4s and a dupe Azlar for a future Soul Exchange

I think it’s okay


121 ETTs and NOTHING.


Not even ONE new troop man. What a total scam.


Scam or bad luck?

20 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Done 10 stages on both main and alt accounts. Due to healers set up on alt (mostly from classes that are not allowed from stages 5-10) it was more challenging there. Overall I really like this tower and enjoy it much more than Magic and Ninja. If possible I plan to finish it on both main and alt on both difficulty levels. I really hope SG will not change it to 75 levels.


SGG pathetic attempt to make the tower more “challenging” is a dud. This takes almost the same amount of time to complete as other towers but due to the changes to blessings its just a huge drag to just complete it.

No longer enjoyable


And here I thought burning 39 ETT and not getting anything was bad… wow 121 and not getting one thats sickening.

On a sidenote, I had close to 600 coins saved up for this event. After those crappy pulls from the troop portal thought whatever and gotten Nyx on my very first pull. Stopped immediately since not all heroes are added yet, will save the rest for next portal!


Did 34 Pulls and got a purple Savage cyclops. Keeping the rest of the tokens for next time. help fill the POV pot

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