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The reality is if you are struggling on Normal you aren’t going much past level 25 impossible anyways.

I got to lvl 3 impossible today and it’s getting gritty already. By 25 it’s going to be getting mega tough.

There aren’t anymore chests in impossible so it’s just for end position. You get to 25 impossible and you’ll still get a pile of emblems for nothing.

If you roster is intact you can choose to buy in. But for a lot of people I figure they will be limping by then.

Not saying I agree with it but I have a pretty mighty roster and I’m not convinced I can finish it. I’m burning through items holding off the curses as it is.


Stop paying money, that’s the only way they’ll start listening to complaints. Why listen when people keep spending regardless.


Likewise…I’m burning through items already, which is not going down well with me and have not even got to level 10. Although still using my 3* just to maximize my heros cuz I’m purely F2P and my rooster is not deep.

My aim is completion and not for ranking, but with the way it is I don’t think that is visible.

Wowza…that’s sucks for real…

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Agreed, this thing is strictly for the challenge of it. By Level 25 impossible, if you are not rolling 50+ 5 stars or so, you’re going to burn out. My roster is pretty robust (4 years and counting here), and I do not think I can finish this without spending just about every item I have.

On the positive side, love the challenge of it.


So here we go finally
Ninja tower has in total 75 levels but we have only a total of 50 free tower energies
If you want to complete the tower you need to buy 5 flasks for 250 gems

When it was on beta devs said there isno complains from beta testers
fakers here said dont worry, SG wont cross this limit and they will give more energies per day (lol) or give free flask ( big lol)

Now its real from pay to win to pay to play
its useless to have only big whales on beta and many fakers to defend every SG’s decisions to make it look legit, you just dont care about real player’s opinions

this is unacceptable


Agreed. There is no reason any event should ever be pay to play.

@Petri and other staff members: If there are 75 levels, there must also be at least 75 free flags. Since the scores from the impossible levels are also counted in the rankings, making it necessary to buy 25 flags just to complete the event provides an unfair advantage to spenders.


Yep, even though 250 gems isn’t allot comparatively. I refuse to support a pay to play model like this, free to play - pay for advantage is fine. After 3 years and more money than I care to admit I’m out if they don’t address this. Every F2P and C2P player should quit and leave the whales to battle themselves until they get bored and quit themselves. Zynga has F’d this game and I hope they lose tons of money with this decision.


I am still hoping to see some flasks in the impossible stages’ chests

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Doubtful, it doesn’t fit the Zynga model of create/buy fun F2P game, build large player base, screw player base over by catering only to whales, game starts losing player base, go back to beginning and repeat.

Look at Pokemon Go, that game makes tons of money, but the developers actually listen to their F2P players because they know without them they won’t be able to retain the whales. Zynga only cares about whales and that’s why most of their games start sucking fast. I feel bad for SGG to as it was a great game before Zynga came along and now everything is a money grab.


As there are no chests there. You will not see any flasks there :frowning:


My very first pull :exploding_head:

…and then in one of my last 10 pull


I saved gems for months, forgoing big pulls in S4, Slayers, etc. specifically for this. I mostly just wanted the new 3* and 4* anyway, as I knew they were what I could expect, so despite pulling Agrafena immediately, I wanted to keep going til I obtained em all.

110 pulls :sweat_smile: that’s how many it took to get freaking Anastasia (the irony), when I could’ve stopped at pull #1 and gotten the same amount of unique Magic 5* :joy:

Oh well…

So while I’m disappointed that 2nd Agrafena couldn’t have been any other Magic 5* hero, I’m glad my luck wasn’t so awful she never showed up in the first place. So despite everything, can’t complain. Least I have all of the 3* and 4* now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now just deciding whether I wanna spend everything I have [left] on this portal… Dupe 5* already tells me it’s probably not worth it, as with my luck, the game will just continue being a ■■■■ :joy:

…but I’m tempted :smirk:


But that’s the idea of using 3s at the beginning, man. If they get cursed it doesn’t matter. Don’t spend your items saving 3s. Let em go.

Today 10 stage Normal completed.
Zero cursed hero so far :+1:

My current choice of blessing so far…

Yes, I choose Stack defense blessing, and I think it is great… 50% defense before boss wave, but I think I also want at least pick reduced damage later on, a mix of defense and reduced seems also great.

One pull tower coins,…

Well… I’m super happy! :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:
Goodluck everyone :+1:


As always there’s 2 ways to go here…

You can slow play and start small and build up. Accepting curses when they come and gradually burning out.

Or you can turbo through it and go with your smashiest team right from the off and tornado yourself out of trouble.

I chose the later becuase the former kills me. I just can’t do it anymore.

So the end result is I’ve gotten to lvl 3 impossible with not a single curse and all in took me about 50 minutes to do 28 levels so far.

With items now getting hampered problems will arise but I’ve gone all mana on my blessings where possible so I’m just going to keep going until I fall over with this team.

Then I’ll fall back on other teams and I suspect the house of cards will crumble quickly the higher I get.

But again…if I was slowing this there’s no way I’d be even contemplating completion. I don’t have that many hours available.

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People hate the ninja tower event, it is literally garbage
Now you make the magic tower event with the exact same frustrating mechanics and force people to play it with the new overpowered heroes.
The only thing you will succeed in, is driving your players away. Why would we spend time on a game if it is not fun?


Does a players starts again without any curses in the ´impossible´ event when cursed in the normal event?

No. Blessings and curses carry over from normal


As of this moment, the Tower has been available for about 16 hours. I received 10 flags to start, and I believe that there are 10 more available if I use gems to buy them.
But the Leader Board now shows 13 players have already complete all the impossible levels. How can that be? Either they have hacked the system (unlikely) or there are new flasks available as these players complete the impossible levels. If that is correct, then the disgruntled comments in this thread are premature and misguided. If there is another way to have completed all levels, please can a moderator explain it.

I’m not a moderator, but quite probably they have the flask bought previously during the Ninja tower (they are transferrable like the tower coins are)


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