[Master Discussion] Summer Solstice Summon 2022 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

You missed the point.
Classic Epic heroes you can get from everywhere in this game. From TC, HA, almost all portals, so quite early you can collect them all. Classic Epic Hero Token is just… useless? Redundant? It would be useful a few years ago, before all of those events, seasons we are now flooded with.


It has “Classic” in its’ name. So only Season 1 hero can be the result.

I completely agree with you on the epic hero tokens!

I answered to your no more flasks post though. :smiley:

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Ah, OK, now I understand!
Yes, I know that there are players who love raiding and they would use my 80 flasks in a few days. :grin:
And I would not hesitate to give them away for free if I could. :+1:

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who r the 2 new heroes ?

These are two new heroes which are featured for the first time in the Game:

I have now also added these links to the OP too.


Oh oops, I misread. That really would be a useless token, true enough!

I think there is a mistake in cost of 10x pull.

Anyway. I hope there will be better gem offers than last time, which were really terrible (at least this time there is ToM and Sand Empire with its offers running at the same time). Second, both extra shiny new heroes have terrible design. Compare them with 3K heroes, CoK heroes or Tethys.

Thx, I have fixed it to 3000 as I will not be able to convince Staff to allow us to do a 10 pull with 300 gems :smiley:


20 characters of tears :sob: :grin:

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The whole non coustome thing does not really bother me … But guess depends on yah roster …
Bascially EVERY HERO will get a costume … But how long till they do??
When will you actually be doing pulls in these other portals to get said costume hero…
wait till they all come out how long that gonna take?
Its a way to get somthing cool, as your bound to get something new depending on roster and how many pulls you do …


Official June calendar has been released, but there is no information about Playing For The Planet Event, so Summer Soltice Summon = Playing For The Planet Event? Or the event is delayed?

Awwww it would be great if they allowed this : Once per player. :joy::rofl:

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It was worth a try! And it would certainly be very good for business.

100 saved pulls in gems… only best gem offers saved trough months amounted to 0 5* … not even hotm

said id pull the trigger, but didnt know it will be to myself :smiley: // jokingly ofcourse

edit : also 100 troops pulls for magic ones, got me only 2 (one dupe) …

Completely beating the odds… unfavourably!


Sorry to hear that, a real shame :frowning:

Actually I did exactly the same as you, 100 pulls on my alt and 100 troop pulls on my main! I was lucky as on my final 10-pull I snagged a Quenell (no HOTM either), and in the 100 troop pulls I got one of each magic troop exactly (3 dupes as I only needed 2 colours).

Even though my hero summons was below odds (1%), UNBELIEVABLY my troop pulls hit the exact odds - 5 magic troops (5%) and 10 classic troops (10%) - that’s uncanny if you ask me :sweat_smile:

EDIT - Also did 18 troop pulls on my alt and it got me 5 magic troops (red, green, blue x3) and a classic which is a 28% pull rate for magic (33% all up) - this time way above odds :thinking:


Muy mal y los atuendos donde estan pésima invocaciones :face_vomiting::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had 38 ETTs and scored eight 4*s. 3 of them were wizard troops, so it was quite haul.
It my math was correct, it should be about 21%


Did a 30 pull and got Nyx! Looking forward to maxing her!


Not only did you get Nyx at 0.2% odds, but you also snagged a Lepiota (even if she’s a dupe that’s still great) - congrats and enjoy testing out the new hero :slight_smile: