[Master Discussion] 🧭 Path of Giants (PoG) -- General Information & Discussion

Anyone know where/if they are going to work the new Acenssion Shards into the line-up?

Just finished path of giants and the mega and free giants chest was seriously downgraded to trash???!!! What’s going on!

You were lucky with chests you got before!?
Welcome in my world. :slightly_smiling_face:

At least we got Alliance Quest and Goblin Village - both of which I assume will count towards the 30 quest stages !


Plus shiloh desert. Im on 15 now. Will be happy when AQ arrives

and add in the twice-a-week emblem quests too :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’ve gotten alpha aethers, 4* ascension materials, numerous emblems. It’s now like the POV loot, so no incentive to complete any extra challenges after you’re done. If someone gets something else please let me know lol.

Hey that is RNG, only that compared to me you already got the good stuff and now have to wait! :slightly_smiling_face: