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Oh balls… Ive got 10 x TC20’s to open and they are calling me like the fabled sirens.

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Even on the other seasons, its always 30. on the worlds where i have beat the final boss on each difficulty it doesn’t matter too much except for possibly farming for materials. I feel sorry for the folks who haven’t even made it to 30 so they have a chance to get it.

I found the perfect counter to Afrike. Loki. Get him to fire her ability before she can.

Malosi… Waddles… Hanitra to a lesser extent… Hathor… Grazul… All of these are dependent upon getting tiles… But not impossible.

No, it is still a possible challenge according to @Elioty33 .
We were just lucky to not have it.

Loki is a stronger counter to Alfrike outside Rush, of course - during Rush, Alfrike counters Alfrike equally well (which is to say, most any possible counter tends to be risky because Rush Alfrike at tank charges up so fast).

Passive counters almost seem necessary (e.g. 2LB turn-zero taunt and/or a S1 fully emblemed cleric with a chance to reflect Alfrike’s cube, or heroes who can natively shrug off getting Dark Cube to the face).

whew, done with the weekly challenges today. glad to be done with them.

I run 3x TC20, so far have always managed the summon/train 4* hero weekly. so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kitty is an excellent counter to Alfrike’s mindless attack. My Kitty once reflected Mindless to the entire enemy team :smiley: of course, with Rush, as mentioned above, these great counters become less reliable…

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True. He is my best recourse as of right now either way unless I bring along someone who removes things like that and by some miracle they aren’t hit.

My only mono team I use often in raids has CSabina, Alfrike, Ludwig, Rigard and Proteus in it.
I always fire Alfrike before Rigard so can cleanse if necessary.

I wasted energy, i accidentally did S5-30 today instead of S3-30 :rofl:


time to ride the Purple train! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding :slight_smile: ) - that’s a good Purple team there!

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at some point the challenge will be to complete chapter 30 of all five seasons without using the flag things

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Instead of defeat 3 paladin class etc it would be nice to have defeat 1 of each class: paladin, fighter, wizard, rogue

Or, some other random 4.
The amount of reroll i have to do sometimes is unbelievable.


The 500k damage to titans is easy enough, attacking the Mythic Titan causes damage towards this weekly challenge, so even if you dislike participating in the mythic titan event, do it just to get 500k damage total


Dont know if someone mentioned it before but making 2 victories with a team that has same color heroes is a very bad game experience. I usually loose all my 6 six flags without manage to do even 1 victory. And I loose so many points
in raids by trying it. This task should be deleted.

I’ve been ignoring them for a while. You can still finish PoG to lvl 30 easily without them.

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Today I wanted to combine two challenges of 5 red + heal.

So I used Costume (1) Boldtusk & Ray - second charge.

Both of them charged and did their action which should have been over 6000 HP in total. This was the result. After Jay’s 2nd charge, all my heroes recovered 263 HP / turn for 5 turns - 6575 HP only from Jay + Boldtusk costume…

Jay’s skill:

Am I missing something?

Undamaged heroes probably didn’t count any healing toward the total (e.g. a hero at 1700/1700hp could have 10000 non-overhealing-healing applied and it could count as zero).

Overhealing seems to count on a full hero (at least until it gets to 3400/1700 hp).


This makes sense. Yes, this was the case. Thank you :grin:


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