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Seriously hope you’re wrong. Lol

Really hope it’s Ninja Tower next week too, I’ve got a bunch of Troop tokens to throw at it!

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Oh I definitely am lol

The schedule change released by SG came out shortly after this comment - where they confirmed Ninja and Magic Tower would alternate, and ToL will alternate with CC

Therefore, Ninja Tower is in a couple of weeks; not this Wednesday but next :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much for confirming! I hadn’t seen the announcement! I’ll have to check here more often…although it’s a rabbit hole I’m trying really hard to not fall too deep in to!

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It is official now that the next Ninja Tower will be held in November with new content:


Are we going to have to pay to play ninja tower beginning in November now?


Once it arrives to Beta (maybe tomorrow), then I will let you know.
Maybe new heroes will be added or it will changed to 75 floor format ? We will see.


Just hoping my favorite event isn’t ruined to match magic tower…

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Me too… :worried:


Unfortunately and most likely they will change it to match infamous magic tower so that f2p players will have to spend more gems to finish events and will eventually be in situation that they cannot collect enough gems for 10 summon without paying for them if they are willing to finish all events. And then some people will say it’s your own choice.

I hope im wrong.


As long as they don’t downgrade the first 50 floors I’m not going to worry about it. However I do appreciate it will annoy some people who have a realistic chance of competing.

Seventy Five Characters

I hope they buff Jade in this release. She really need a buff.

These new heroes will arrive in the next Ninja Tower

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And here the changes on the event itself:

Доброго дня всім. Хто знає коли саме почнеться подія Вежа Ніндзя?

Translation to English: Who knows when the next Ninja Tower start ?


If SG follows the 28 day event cycle, then it will stat at November 10.


Please note that Alliance Quest is replacing this month’s Ninja Tower event. The next Ninja Tower event will be in November with new content added. Our apologies for any confusion caused by this!

^^ does this mean the alliance quest is about every 3 months does anyone know ?

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I have no information about the new rotation…


Hola cómo estás. Cómo se hace para ser beta ?

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