🏯 [Master Discussion] - Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

My assumption would be that the three “tower” events we have (Ninja, Tavern of Legends, Magic) will altermate. Thus probably October.


No player knows for sure.
One potential is a three month rotation between ninja, magic, and tavern.
Other option is tavern remains every 8 weeks and magic and ninja rotate in the other 8 week slot.


Anybody knows when the next Ninja Troop Summons be coming out?

Nobody knows for sure. Right now, there are three events that can occur in the “tower” slot in the schedule: Tavern of Legends, Ninja Tower, Magic Tower. Maybe they will just alternate, so that Ninja Tower is next month. Maybe there will always be an alternation of “Tower” / “Tavern”, so that the next Ninja Tower is in November.

My best guess is October, though.

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Thanks mpolo. Just as my thoughts, with the tower of magic around, most probably would turn that way. . Dang, a lot of us have been waiting for the ninja tower so get with the ninja troops summons. . Guess we’ll just be saving ETTs some more.

The mathematician would answer with ‘When Ninja Tower appears’. :rofl:

Now yeah, since there is not known pattern for MT, NT and ToL, it can be little less than four weeks but also 8 weeks from now on.

Is Tavern of Legends the same as Ninja Tower and Tower of Magic? The latter two appear in Quest screen as a square on the right side, like Mythic Titan, while Tavern of Legends appear as a normal quest, if I recall properly…

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They appear differently, but they appear in the same time-slot.

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Wonder when is next ninja troops summons

Next ninja tower event but no one knows when that comes around. Assume four or eight weeks.

Well, I’m not waiting for it. My troops need food.

If there’s not a Ninja Tower event every POV I’m going to be pissed. Lol. They’ve got 21 days to give it to me. Hahaha

Why does everyone keep saying they don’t know when the next Ninja Troop Summons will be?!

Next is Tavern of Legends (like it always is…), and after is gonna be Ninja Tower.

I’d bet one of my Hel’s on it

They’re gonna rotate NT and MT, and run ToL in between. The whole reason ToL spaced em out in the first place was cuz since the tower is so extensive, it needed to be an every other month thing to not burn out (on time and resources)

There’s always that small chance I’m wrong on this, but I highly doubt it. So far I’m 3/3 on calendar predictions (this is actually my fourth guess-interjection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but we shall see.

Best guess: expect next NT on November 10th


(So misinformation doesn’t spread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Ahem… Seem to be a few feathers in my throat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was wrong NT will be October 13th :kissing_heart:

So… Who’s getting one of my Hels?! :joy::rofl:


This will depend on whether can Staff release version 42 or not in the next two weeks so that we can pull for the brand new costumes from the Legends portal.

They might try it, but I am starting to give more chance to your expected next Ninja Tower date.

See, I considered that, but do they really have to?

Those costumes and Tavern haven’t even been fully tested yet. One iteration is nothing.

I can see em pushing it back til the next Tavern, if need be, which is only eight weeks later. Some S4 heroes stay in testing even longer

& If they throw NT at us next, they not only bombard us with another tower after the last with gems and 75 levels, but also screw up their featured HOTM in the Tavern, as that’s specifically tied.

So idk, still don’t see it. Admit there’s a small possibility, but don’t think it’s very likely.

Edit: Although, I see ToL is back in testing now

They have just arrived back to Beta a hour ago.


Seems specific featured old past HOTM may be a thing of the, well… past.

But now I’m confident we’ll be seeing these costumes (unfortunately) next ToL in a few weeks (based on how little time has been between iterations, they clearly want this :poop: out)

Soooo…there’s not going to be a Ninja event during this Path of Valor since the one in September was replaced with the Magic event? Just asking for clarity.

We will have a Ninja Tower event starting on October 13.
And POV will end on October 19.

So we will able to use our Epic Troop tokens during the current POV.


Thank you! Hoping this is accurate and RandaPandah’s prediction of Nov. 10th is wrong :crossed_fingers: