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Did 4 pulls for coins and 10x pull. Rigard aand 3* from coins. 10x pull gave me only 3*. Are you ******* kidding me game? Not to mention with the total amount of pulls I did in NT should have 2 5* ninjas on average but nope.

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From today’s deal, gave me my first 5* ninja


As is my bi-monthly tradition, I spend everything I have to hunt for Garnet.

This time, about 55 pulls so far. Following loot:

  • 2nd Onyx
  • 2nd Devana
  • 500th Vivica
  • 300th Domitia

I may end up ascending 2nd Onyx… he makes all the taunters a non-issue and having that for more than one war attack is great. Still, could be finally the goddamn Garnet, and this is heartbreaking a bit.

Rest are debris - I like Devana and already have one on max but not worth a dupe when I have other unique heroes to work on. Vivica and Domitia are but a roster slot takers… the day SG gives us way to melt the dupes will be the best since the extra Shrikewood compensation.

Troop pulls were ridiculous this month - over 50 troop tokens and not a single Ninja troop, but 7 regular 4*. I only miss blue Ninja and still working on my 3rd and 4th mana troop so that’s not a huge issue, but yet another proof of maddening rng.


It would be nice for Ninja Tower summon to have ninja heroes only. I’ve received garbage every time I’ve summoned. I would be happy getting even a 3* ninja hero, just not the usual fare. Those little ninja tokens aren’t easy to obtain.

But if the portal only had ninja heroes in it, everyone would have all the ninjas in the first month and the portal might as well close for ever, except for occasional new players, who would be able to pull a full set of powerful 4* and 5* by the end of their second month at the latest. Way to unbalance the game BIG TIME, unless I suppose they made a bunch of 3* ninjas that were mostly not very good.


Finally got my first 5* ninja :grin:. And not Jade.


And here is the aforementioned10x pull from yesterday (🏯 [Master Discussion] - Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons! - #21 by Nightmare2048). Joy of joys. :anger: :anger: :anger:



I read your post above and could relate, done SO many ninja pulls and nothing. Not anymore!! You now belong in the elite club of 5* ninja owners - Congrats! Onyx is the bomb! I’m going to keep plugging away…maybe my luck will change too.


This has gotten ridiculous. Just got a 3rd Sapphire. IF the odds of each 4* ninja are the same (which I doubt) then the odds of 3 straight Sapphire pulls is 1 in 125.

This time around I was hoping for Onyx! Instead, I pulled my 2nd Cobalt and 4th Devana! I already maxed leveled and emblemed my 1st Cobalt. I may level the 2nd as well. As for Devana, I’m leveling my 1st one, but I doubt I’ll do a 2nd at this time. There’s still time to possibly pull Onyx if the portal gods are on my side! I’ll keep everyone posted! :wink:

Those 1 in 125 odds are weird to see when you consider that means getting 3 straight sapphires has better odds than getting the one five star ninja of your choice. Actually it’s the same as getting any five star ninja that isn’t Jade.

Quoting myself from the May thread:

Going to try and keep a running tally of my sub-totals every 10 floors or so to help me stay on track for future towers.

July 2021
Floor 10: 193,XXX
Floor 22: 450,078

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Where are you aiming for or do you think you’ll end up? I’ll post my scores for every 10 levels when I finish the last few stages in a bit.

Top 1k is the baseline, top 500 would be the ideal but stretch goal. I already lost at least 3k points on floor 7, because I used a tornado before making any moves since there were a decent number of red tiles. The tornado made a red diamond, which then cascaded itself away and killed all the mobs. I then finished off Jade with specials, thinking I should have an awesome score since I finished in under 20 seconds. Imagine my horror when I saw 15.8k with big fat 0 for match bonus because I technically didn’t make any matches. :man_facepalming:


Based on your scores you’re well on pace for top 500. Here are my “daily” scores for past Ninja Towers and where I ultimately placed. You’re ~55K ahead of me (14%) right now. I’m on pace with my scores from last event where I finished top 283. I’d actually guess that you may be on pace for top 100, but I’m not sure what it takes to get up there.

Day 2021-07 2021-05 2021-04 2021-02 2020-12
1-10 190,852 187,235 185,773 178,100 165,424
11-20 395,528 395,709 382,375 373,423 356,205
21-30 735,313 701,548 692,289 667,367
31-40 1,128,451 1,070,123 1,056,421 1,016,227
41-50 1,515,874 1,465,655 1,444,267 1,391,059
Final Rank 283 550 712 1,349

Has been a great month for pulls, a x10 pull gave me BK in avalon, and my free pulls gave me Mica :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking to experiment with micas shared damage with BKs attack up. Both are one item away from the last tier. Also have the emblems to get mica to +20

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I’m 55K ahead of you because I have an extra floor on you (on floor 22, so finished up to floor 21). If we assume floor 20+ gives an average of 32K score, I’m “only” 23K ahead.

No idea what top 100 takes, but definitely will need to spam alteration scrolls like mad in the last 10 levels. Definitely not worth either the mats or the effort.

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Ah that makes sense. Still think you’re on pace for top 500. I’ve never used anything more than tornadoes and mana (and a few bombs). I’ll keep posting each day. I expect top 1k but aiming to repeat top 500.

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Ninja tower with S1 4* and forge items, day 2.

Lost half of Grimm but not due to a mistake, rather due to a test. Watch carefully at the end of the second part. If you didn’t know which triggers first, now you will…


Well done, I’m realy curious about last 10 stages, good luck.

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Already did it once, the previous NT, with much less options available and without LB heroes. I already have the strategies more or less developed. So this time it should be easier, despite the restriction of not using non-S1 4* - Gullinbursti helped a lot last time.

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