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I have added @cap 's guide to the OP for the fire version of the quest.


I hope everyone has stored their world energy to do limit break quest and Morlovia at once.


That was so clear :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

These quests are bull. Another month and i still can’t break any legendary.
I guess I’m stashing till i can do a few at the same time.

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I have a very limited roster, so I had to make use of what I already had. So I managed to finish the quest from the first try with Black Knight, Scarlett, Rigard, Gullinbursti and Wu Kong + time stops, antidotes, mana and health potions.

My other reds had to take the bench - Wilbur because his defense down did not work, Kelile and Colen because they were too squishy and I already had Scarlett with me.

I was considering going Wilbur in the quest. More so his damage share limits the counterattack. Or is 20% not very impactful?

I’m only at stage 3,so maybe in the last two lvl the opponents hit much harder, till now I found it a nice bonus but nothing extraordinary. So maybe no problem with using wilbur.

But the bosses steal buffs so maybe wilbur can be contraproductive there

Yeah, the timing is not so good.
Hopefully Ninja Tower does need WE, but if this would happen 28 days ago, then Tavern of Legends will be another WE consumimg event at the same time (but fortunately that is ridiculously long…)

Finished all 5 stages with BT - Yang Mai - Elena - Khagan - cSabina team. Probably should have used non-costumed Sabina since they resist the no-buff ailment.

Not too difficult. Just needed to watch the HP and use healing potions during the mob waves since their specials hit hard. Antidotes or Khagan’s special to cleanse the mana slow.

Bosses of Stage 5, I used a Dragon Attack (again forgot about the resist fire) and then mana potions to charge up Khagan.


Stop snickering, he’s already got more HP than my +20 Krampus and cVivica with 4 more levels to go😜


:vampire: Reuben can do it :muscle: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m confused. Do the enemies get the hero bonus? I haven’t seen any of the mob waves get the counterattack (but I do). Does the boss?

I was thinking this was going to be tough if every enemy counterattacks with 20% damage.

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The enemy doesn’t get the bonus, but the boss steals buffs which includes the counterattack from your red heroes


Ah perfect explanation. Thank you!

The clear advantage that going all blue in the blue Mirages of Omega does not hold true in the red/fire Omega quest.

I was very glad i took a miracle scroll (only time i ever used one!) because the bosses hit hard and the advantage for stacking red is very minimal. I wish i had a screenshot of the finale but i forgot to take one, i got there, though, but after using a miracle scroll.

lesson learned: take blues and a dispeller and/or cleanser.

Just a note:
As I recall Ice dispellers can not dispell the reflection from these red enemies in this quest.


I seems that when my hero die in this quest, they lose all their mana, so they start with empty mana after getting revived by revive scroll. Is this a bug or just my incorrect memory?

I can’t replicate the situation, get screenshot or video because it happened in the last stage and I won it. Can someone test it?

Took me two tries on the last stage to get through this one - much more challenging than the ice one. The 50% attack for red is helpful but 20% counterattack is quite meaningless.

First try I took 4 reds + Rigard. Opening board is very bad and Rigard was killed in first wave and then am doomed.

Second time I took Kiril/Rigard/Boril/Athena/Kage and cleared with the help of some bomb + dragon. No def down from Athena but her extra damage against fire still helpful. Boril’s counterattack is the real one and very helpful.

Yang Mai, Noor, BK, G. Kong, Rigard CB. Failed to pay attention in first round and let Noor die, so was kind of limping through the rest with excessive use of items (mainly time stops). Nobody else died though. Easy enough, but would have been easier if I’d been watching the damage those XXXX mobs do. They are seriously vicious in the last stage. BK’s taunt did get stolen but only when there was only one boss left, which is sort of missing the point of a taunt really.

Unfortunately I have finished the quest already, but I have tested this in a Titan battle.
The titan killed one of my fully charged heroes, which I have revived with the scroll, and she stayed fully charged, and I could fire her.
I do not recall anything in the special skills or the event effects about “losing all mana”.
So most likely it is a bug.

I unintentionally already tested this with several alts. They usually have 3* heroes in the mix and thus I am forced to use Miracle and Revive scrolls. However none of them seems to have lost their mana upon death - they all revive with the same quantity they had prior to dying.

My video above shows an example of that. However purple and green dispellers work just fine. You can also simply kill the enemies under reflection with (blue) tiles.

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