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It happened to me also when I used LoLo on bosses
Hitting the previous mini-fellows with LoLo was fine…

Nice. The only one I have among these is Lianna. No costume.

Final level took me two efforts (on the first go they took out my Mother North on the first wave with three consecutive specials (!) and I hadn’t taken any revive scrolls, made it to the penultimate wave before dying). Team both times was MN+20, Thorne+7, Glenda+10, CRichard+20, Magni+15, used a couple of antidotes and mana potions.

Last level was tough without +20 5* heroes. Did manage with sacrificing 5 timestops.

Figured leo’s bigger manacut was more useful then li’s, but he died in the first round… all mobs seemed to target him… and that 5 turn healingnerf makes it hard to reverse the damage.


Finished it easily using no items. Raffael-Mitsuko-Freya-Fenrir-Skadi.



Remember guys that soon you’ll be doing these quests with limit-broken heroes, so the difficulty is balanced to kind of ‘next level’ of power, we’re not there yet but will be.

Remember when the emblem quests were difficult back in the days? How difficult are they now when you go through them with emblemmed heroes?

If it was possible to finish these quests now easily with a team where 3 heroes are 4 stars then in a new reality with limit broken heroes you’d be doing these on autofarm.

Do we really want more ‘autofarm challenges’. Where is the fun in that.


Mitsuko only reflects damage, which admittedly is quite a bit since they hit hard, but without being able to cast any status ailments she’s really not that great for this one.

I ended up using 3 greens+Gazelle+Garnet. Green reflect is annoying yes but tile damage is good enough with Gazelle’s buff. Garnet is just there to provide overheal and block ailments. Actually lost a green hero (Lianna) right out the gate in wave 1 because mobs kept targeting her and I forgot to heal, but the two support heroes managed to pull me across the finish line.

You know what will drive the whales mad? On Saturday when the top 1-5% from the raid tournament gets a 5% chance at a tier 3 aether, they get a red one and when war starts their opponents got that missing blue one😂

So since one quest is not enough for even one 5*, let me calculate for 5x events. Also, I’ll include costumes for each hero, they only need tier-3 spheres, so non-costume heroes only mean a few extra 3* heroes limit broken.

5x event: 260/120/20
-4 5* for -140/80/20 we’re left with 120/40/0

-4 5* costumes and -2 4* with costumes, and we’re left with 54/0/0 or exactly 9 3* with costumes.
Again, 5x events give enough for exactly 4 5*, 2 4* and 9 3*, all with costumes.

Went with a Mana boost approach. Tiles and minions made short work with this event. Frosth and Miki are at 3/70

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Thank you for the Maths.

The only question now is:
Is this short term thinking, what will be required when the next ascension opens?

This is geared up to be ascended more times just like a normal hero.

Used this team for all stages except the 1st (where i used my mono blue 3* team):

The advantages to going mono blue are just too great i think. Breezed through 1-4. 5 was harder for sure. the result of stage 5:

a couple of time stops definitely made this easier. those final bosses are pretty nasty. probably didn’t need to use any of the bombs, really. mana potions mostly before i even got to the boss fight for Kiril for healing and defense up.

I’m lucky to have Krampus for sure, but with any other hard hitting blue hero, it should be doable.

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Um i autofarmed most of it, turned the auto farm off on the wave before the bosses on the last level, cuz I saw people saying how hard it was, but it was easy. Used +20 C kiril, +18 C grimm +20 glenda, +20 Magni,+18 Richard. I liked the new rules and mobs, and bosses, but it is still as easy as everything else in the game. I found the last few stages of season 3 harder

I’m curious as to Omega’s story. She look like someone who may be the last hero to be released. Omega looks really neat though

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Yeah but you are not taking into account getting these from tournament loot and war loot plus the offers that will come. I’d expect to see full +20 LB war defenses in 6 months or less

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Yeah, i’m curious to see if we get any more backstory on Omega. as it is, she just kind of popped out of nowhere to tell us some aethers were within reach. :man_shrugging:

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True, this is short term thinking. For now I assume new levels will require the same amounts, and just want a quick estimate of how many 3* and 4* can I limit break while waiting for 5* items.

I was able to complete the quest with a team short of TP4300 :
Costumed Melendor +20
Kiril +20
Richard +19
Magni +10 and
Master Lepus +18

I only used 2 Dragon Attack on the last stage.
All but Lepus plain old S1 heroes, two of them only 4*. The Melendor costume is not too difficult to obtain.
Hopefully they will not sell the ethers soon.

Happy gaming


2x attemp…
1st try… I though it is not hard in last stage, because stage 1-4 are clean.

No so good board setup, but heroes already in great HP boost. But already used some items in monster wave, and the result is…

Duh I underestimate this stage… :man_facepalming:

2nd try… with careful team setup and battle items…
Use sniper instead of hit-3 which is cruisial and better decision, focus on killing enemies and ghost tiles.

I pick Time Stop and Revive scroll.

Now, it is better board setup, 4x heroes mana charged, heavy boost HP plus some minions… used 1x revive scroll for gullinbusrti at monster wave as he is targeted consecutive, and I do not want retry depend on MN which is mana is not always ready.

Finally finished,… used 3x mana stop, and 3 minor mana. Just to be more savety.

Ice Aether keep for now.
Goodluck everyone :muscle: :sparkles:


I completed it and used 5 Aethers on Gunnar, and his defense goes up to 785 if going defense route. Saving the rest for Krampus


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