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I gave you a like for your enthusiasm about limit breakers. That’s all.


I still haven’t finished the quest, but I will limit-break rare heroes first that I’m still using and are fully emblemed, for example C.Brienne, Nordri, Melia. Then I will level up epic heroes and I have no plans for “breaking” legendary heroes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your enthusiasm for liking my enthusiasm.

Personally feel, this forum needs more enthusiasm to enjoy the game with new creativity instead of fixed thinking of the past-styles, which many times becomes a Speed-Breaker… & this Limit-Breakers can be helpful to break-thru many of those Speed-Breakers :grinning:

Cheers !!


I was doing the hero chest, so used a flask to be done with it. Else, I believe in efficiency & rarely use a flask for anything other than Atlantis & Rare3 in challenge Events.

Took team of : Gazelle - Heimdall - LoLo - Glenda - Cobalt with battle items : Revive scrolls, Bombs, Antidotes, Small Mana

Lolo was mainly for copy-whacking the bosses, & bcoz, I could not take Frida due to the rule of no ailments cane given… (Unless I missed something)

Since green is reflected, Hemdall was useful but got killed once in last stage bcoz of my mistake of not over healing in the beginning…, so had to be revived, then I simply worked to charge & over-heal all team, it was easy - peasy.

Gullinbursti will be useful.



@Sorvina : That’s smart - practical & a personal style move to LB 3* & 4* heroes…
good to see you have a plan
not run to LB 5*s for defence !!

Cheers @dansing. Now completed. This is who I took to the final stage


Super, congrats !!

I remembered later that, Mitsuko would have sent all these fellows packing faster… Totally forgot :sweat_smile:

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Just when you think it couldn’t go any more down hill… I fell into a pit full of life sucking aether. Pvp is about become unbearable…


Something is telling me that on very next seasonal offers a Tier III break item is showing… how low! :sweat_smile:

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I try Mitsuko but it seems the reflect do not work well with synchronization status.

I tried using Lord Loki. On one of the bosses. System response : RESISTED! Did this happen to anyone else?

After that, I didn’t bother to use him again.

So I started out with a mono blue, but then realized it relied heavily on buffs and ailments so I took a different approach to avoid both. This teams been working out:

I have been short on time so I have two more levels left, but based on the difference it made in round 3 I am optimistic it’ll do the trick. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

As far as limit breakers I haven’t given them much though yet, so I will probably hoard them until the weekend when I have more time to ponder :thinking:.

Good luck out there!


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Yea, don’t use him on bosses. The % damage of boss special skill is really low.

All the enemies resist status ailments and the special skills of enemies here are mostly about status ailments so that’s why you saw “resisted” there. The elite enemies however have specials dealing 400% dmg so Lord Loki turns into a nice sniper against those.

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While also testing how to tweak the hidden bonus on defending teams, because buffing older heroes’ stats is taboo.


Why fix broken things when you can keep adding new features instead /s


So… I’ve finished this quest and I must say it is way more difficult than any S3 stage in hard mode… Or any challenge… I didn’t expect that. The last stage was very demanding and after first failure I thought that I won’t be able to beat it with epic heroes only. But I tried one more time.

My first team was Kiril +17 - Rigard +18 - Boril +19 - Gullinbursti +15 - Sonya +20. The problem is that enemies reduce healing significantly that cannot be cleansed and they hit hard. 3 healers couldn’t keep my heroes alive. I wasted too many high level items such as hurricanes, time stops, super mana potions and bombs.
My second team was Kiril +17 - Gullinbursti + 15 - Wilbur +20 - Boril +19 - Jott +20 and it worked much better. During last wave I used one time stop and a few scrolls of alteration. And the bosses died. This quest cost me a lot of valuable items. I don’t know if I could choose a better team or I could save those items.


OK, I officially plan to not put any effort in these aether quests. And not finish them. And be OK with it. When I find I can’t decently play without LB 5* s, I’ll just quit. Anyway, everybody agrees that LBs are wasted on S1 5* s, and they’re pretty much all I (will ever) have. :roll_eyes:

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Well, i actually plan on using the blue ones on my +19 (soon to be +20) Richard (with costume bonus), he will have more than 1000 defense which is kinda nice IMO. But yeah without costume bonus i wouldnt give LBs to S1s.
Also, i completed the quest without any problems, team was Gazelle, Heimdall, Lianna, Bertila and Ratatoskr.

Yeah that last stage is a…
Took two trys aswell @Sorvina just went mono blue in the end. Miki Athena throne feneir ariel sure not the best as have negative against most of the specials. Just took mana and dragon attack.

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Its a tricky situation bcoz of the shared damage of ICE heroes which makes slash attacks really powerful…

I used Heimdall to over heal with tiles and small mana potion combos…
Gazelle for attack up & damage reduction, removed the shared damage aspect…
then went at the teams… with all 5*s but without major emblems…

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