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i did get some ethers from war loot, but only the 3* ones. maybe the drop rate is pretty low

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Thank you! That would explain it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aether from quest have the ratio of 52 : 24 : 4 which is actually match tournament loot (top 1%/top 5%) which is 65% : 30% : 5%.

So I suspect that the drop rate from war loot also follow the same ratio, but as there are cases of someone not getting any and someone getting 2, I guess there are actually 2 roll of aether in war loot but as each roll have probability to result in nothing, I guess the percentage of 5* aether is less than 5% on each roll.


Limit Breakers (Aethers) What, Why, Who & How!? Enjoy :smiley:

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Surely not the firs one to ask this, but: isn‘t the drop rate just slightly too low?

I really appreciate that there are no ether packages for sale (yet), but since the feature was released I guess there was about ten or eleven tournaments and twice as many wars. Most players in my alliance did not get a 5* ether at all, maybe five or so including myself were lucky once.

I‘d surely not like the idea of seeing all war enemies with LB-teams, but considering you need quite some ressources, materials and about 100 3* heroes to reach level 85, I guess a little higher chances or including the ethers in the war chests or elemental chests might be a fair idea…

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How do you mean you need 100 3* to reach level 85?

You need 76710 XP to reach Level 85 from level 80.
The on colour 3 star hero give you 756 XP / hero.
The off colour 3 star hero gives you 630 XP / hero.

So you need 102 on colour 3 star feeder hero or 122 off colour 3 star feeder to reach Level 85.


all the 5* aethers i have personally received are from the Mirage, i do get some 3* and on occasions 4* from tournaments but basically not enough to pile up and cause any difference.

Hi, does anybody remember if Mirages previously started at the same time as events? As per calendar, we should see Mirages today, but they didn’t show up at 9 am CET as events do.

The Calendars are just guesses so there might be 1-2 day variance in the actual start dates.
As far as I remember the previous occurences have started at 9am CET.


If I remember correctly I was taken by surprise when last month the quest popped up mid-day. I don’t think they will start it the same day as Tower event so I’m hoping we’ll see it in 2-3 hours max.

It started on tuesday twice and last time on monday.

The Aether quests seem to be totally random.

I think they have similar timing variance to rare quests, so roughly +/-2 days?

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Maybe it will appear after the current rare quest goes away…


personne ne sais quand elle aura lieu ?

Let me guess that Mirages will appear during AR. Tower has its own energy, so it is the best moment. But no. Better to loose farming’s energy for somethig that could be done without any impact. Great approach.


The best moment was Monday this week before MT, when most people expected it and there was 0 events running, so one could dedicate all effort there. Why SGG didn’t release it then is anybody’s guess.


Is it not appearing every 4 weeks like other event?

Just wondering what happened to the Mirages of Omega event supposedly to be held on 14 September… Waiting impatiently for it… lol

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